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JPO Condemns Manipulation of IDPs' Data by District Administration, Calls for Transparency

Sunday, November 26, 2023

/ Published by VIRTHLI

November 26, 2023(Virthli): The Joint Philanthropic Organization (JPO) LAMKA has expressed dismay over the continuous manipulation of Internally Displaced Persons' (IDPs) data by the district administration. According to a press communique issued by the JPO, the district administration has been decreasing the number of IDPs from the relief centers in their records without prior consultation with the organization.

The JPO has made several efforts to seek an explanation and clarification on the manipulation of data from the district administration, but no valid explanation has been offered so far. The JPO points out that rations for the IDPs are distributed after careful calculation based on the number of IDPs from the relief centers. Therefore, the declination in the displaced person's data will compel the philanthropic organization to take extra effort to acquire the needs of the displaced persons.

After serious deliberations with different organizations under the banner of Joint Philanthropic, a consensus resolution was adopted that the JPO would not accept the rations supplied by the district administration until the data maintained by the district administrative office is verified with the joint philanthropic organization. The JPO has been continuously working for the welfare of the IDP’s and is committed to protesting further for the welfare and benefits of the displaced persons.

The act of continuous manipulation in the data may be perceived as questioning the trustworthiness of the JPO, which took the initiative of looking after the displaced persons. As such, the organization shall be pleased to handle the work to the district administration with immediate effect.

Speaking on behalf of the JPO, Joint Secretary V Lalboya states that "the continuous manipulation of IDPs’ data by the district administration is unacceptable, and it is essential to verify the number of IDPs with the Joint Philanthropic Organization. The JPO will continue to work towards the welfare of the displaced persons, and we hope that the district administration will provide a valid explanation for the manipulation of data." 

The Joint Philanthropic Organization's condemnation of the district administration's manipulations highlights the need for transparency and accountability in handling relief efforts for the welfare of displaced persons. The JPO's commitment to the welfare of IDPs and the protest against any injustice should motivate other organizations to scrutinize the relief work being done for the needy.

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