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Sunday, May 10, 2020

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Kum 2008 lai khan thla li sungin naupang sawmli lai kum nga tlinglo ngawt "Strange disease" (Mautam hri) inleng leiin thingtlang khuo Hmarbiel ah ei lo chan a. RIMS doctor specialist pasari an hung a. Medical study an hung thaw. Report chen an siem.

A hnuoia hai khu medical team hai findings an naw maw?

A. Inrai lai haiin natna hri invengna damdawi injection an lo dawng naw lei a nih (No expectant mother in the affected village received TT injection/IFA tablets in the early stage)

B. Naute hai natna hri a inthawka inveng theina BCG le DPT injection an lo pek ngai naw lei a nih (No children administered vaccines upto 5 years).

C. Sub Centre hi an lo uksak bek nawh (No would-be mother going and registering at health centre for delivery).

D. Paracetomol le bandage tak ngiel khawm an sub centre ah hmu ding a um ngai nawh (Even a simple dose of life saving drugs is unavailable in the health centre).

Medical findings khi a lo indik chun, ei bawzui am? Ei sub centre hai ei tuoinam am? Duty ding dutyna hmuna umin sin an thaw naw leia naupang ei lo chan an naw maw?

Tum ei intum ding? Vawk thisa an lo faka, chu leia hri inleng a nih, an ti kha ei awi lem el ding a ni?

Ei ram hi malaria, diarrhoea, jaundice le natna dang dang ta dinga prone area a nih. Natna chitin chitang suok thut thut theina a nih. Chuleiin sub centre a hai iengtiklai khawm life saving drugs NHM hnuoia mi ei sie zing a tul a nih.

Doctor in Sub Centre hi thlakhatah vawikhat bek a sir ding a nih. PHC a LHV in vawikhat bek karkhatah sub centre a sir ding a nih.

Damnaw hai lo infielkhawmin doctor le nurse hung ding ni chu an lo tung hlak ding a nih. Chu ni chun doctor in mi sawmli bek a en ding a nih. Damdawi free hai an semdawk bawk ding a nih.

Thla tin Village Health and Nutrition Day vawikhat an nei ding a nih. Hi hunah hin PHC Doctor in damnaw checkup hlak a tih? Anganwadi Centre a Worker le Helper khawm thang an tih. Naupang hai fak ding ICDS thangpuina sem hlak an tih.

Zawna khu ei dawn thei am?

- Inrai thangpuina JSY le JSSK scheme hnuoia sum tunam a lo lak hlak? 

- Inrai thangpuina Rs 6,000 maternity benefit tunam a lo lak hlak? 

- TT/Booster injection le IFA tablet lak nupui iengzam ei sub centre hnuoia an um? 

- Naupang kum nga tlinglo iengzat inam BCG le DPT injection an dawng? 

-Naupang rikzie inkhina Sub Centre a ANM in a nei am? BP checkna a nei am?

- Naupang pieng hlim 2.5 kg tlinglo iengzam thlatin an zieklut hlak? Thla kimlo hai chu Anganwadi Centre sirsanin ICDS thangpuina faktha pek an ni hlak am?

-Health Sub Centre hminga RKS Committee in untied fund a hmu hai iengtinam an hmang?

-Health Sub Centre a MO ic/ANM le VA Chairman joint bank account ah damdawi in enkawlna ding khawrsaw iengzam a lut hlak?

Mipuiin ei hriet a tul.

Doctor le nurse/MPW/ASHA/Health worker thingtlanga posting reng hai chu an umna hmuna damdawi leh an um ngei ding a nih.

Bieltu in a biel a posting Doctor le Nurse, etc hai an postingna hmuna a tirlut ding a nih. A tirlut hne naw chun mipui ngaisaklo a ni ve.


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