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HSA member Civil Services inziek tling an um chun Rs. 1,00,000/- p'eng ka tih: HT Sangliana

Sunday, March 13, 2016

/ Published by VIRTHLI
CCPur, March 13, 2016: HSA CCPur Joint Headquarters thuoituhai chun March 12, 2016 zantieng khan Dr H.T. Sangliana, IPS (Retd) le Ex-MP chu CCPur-a a chengnainah an inhmupui.

Pu Dr H.T. Sangliana chun, kum 2016-17 sung HSA Member All India Service (Civil Services) inziek tling an um chun, HSA CCPur Jt. Hqrts fethlengin lawmpuinain Rs. 1,00,000/- (nuoi khat) a pek ding thu HSA CCPur Jt. Hqrts thuoituhai kuoma a lo hril.

Hi huna hin HSA thuoitu hai chun lawmthu hrilnain Pu HT Sangliana hi Hmar Thangsuopuon insiltirna an nei nghal bawl.

Dr HT Sangliana (Hmar Tlawmte Sangliana) hi Karnataka Cadre IPS Officer niin Bangalore Police Commissioner lo nitah, a sinthaw that leia inlar em em, a chanchin khawm Film pathum zet siem tah 'Super Cop' tia ko hiel a nih. A pension hnungin 14th Lok Sabha election a khan BJP ticket in Bengalore North-a inthawk MP dinga thlangtling a nih. US President dinga Barack Obama thlangtling a ni hun kum 2008 a Barack Obama in thlaithleng awtpui dinga khawvela miropui/milien 160 a fiel hai laia thang phak ve ngat a nih.
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