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Women spend Rs 7.2 mn on make-up in lifetime

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
London: Women never change. They spend more than 100,000 pounds (Rs 7.2 million) on make-up during their lifetime, a new study has found.

That's a shade over 2,000 pounds for every year of adulthood, or nearly 40 pounds in an average week. And, 57 per cent say they would ditch their partner rather than go without make-up, according to the study in Britain.

Two thirds of the 2,200 women surveyed said it would cost up to 550 pounds to replace their make-up collection. One in 10 said it'd be 700 pounds, the 'Daily Express' reported.

The average British woman's make-up drawer contains 54 different items - the product of more than 12 countries - and is worth 512 pounds, the study by Bionsen, the natural deodorant range, has found.

The value of a girl's mobile make-up bag alone is a whopping 130 pounds on average.

Make-up firms know that women are happy to splash the cash on name designer brands. That is why 56 per cent of UK women say they would be ‘unconcerned’ at spending 20 pounds to 30 pounds on a single mascara.



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