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Goodwill meet at Haflong

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
Haflong,August 2, 2011: To renew and strengthen the age-old brotherhood relationship among the various communities living in the district of Dima Hasao, a goodwill meet between the representatives of Jadikhe Naiso Hosom and Hmar Impui was held under the president ship of Sri Debojeet Thaosen, Chief Executive Member, Dima Hasao Autonomous Council,at the conference hall, Haflong Circuit house on Monday (1.8.11).

The meeting is attended by Sri Depolal Hojai, Chairman, Dima Hasao Autonomous Council, Sri Kalijay Sengyung, Executive Member, Dima Hasao Autonomous Council, Mayanan Kemprai, Executive Member Dima Hasao Autonomous Council, Sri L. Hmar, Executive Member, Dima Hasao Autonomous Council, Sri Dethang Naiding, President Jadikhe Naiso Hosom along with other members and Sri Vairiemsiem Varte, along with other members of Hmar Impui.

All the speakers opined to maintain brotherhood relation among each and every community living in the district for the over all development of the district. They also cautioned not to be misled by some evil force’s mis-propaganda rather to work unitedly for the development of the district as their own homeland. Some other said there has been conspiracy of some agencies to divide them raising various issues to full fill their aims. This should not be allowed to happen at any cost, they suggested.

Sri Vairiemsiem Varte, Hmar Impui talking to the media said ‘it’s a good beginning’ while appreciating the positive gesture of the Chief Executive Member, DHAC Sri Debojeet Thaosen. Sri Dethang Naiding, President, Jadikhe Naiso Hosom (Dimasa Apex Body) expressing his satisfaction, said this should be a continuous process of maintaining cordial relation with each community member, then only, a permanent and everlasting peace could be established.

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