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Hmar nunghak pathum in Doctorate Degree

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

/ Published by VIRTHLI
CCPur, September 14, 2021, Virthli (ONP): Nk. Zionvarzing Ṭhiek D/o Pu Lalmawithang Ṭhiek, Mahur Garden NC Hills,  Assam chu Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat chun Doctor of Philosophy (PHD) a lo inhlan tah. A Thesis chu "Risk and Protective factors Contributing towards Adolescents' Emotional Resilience" ti a nih. Professor Juri Baruah enkawlna hnuoia zo a nih.
Nk. Zionvarzing hin M. Sc (Home Science) hi Univetsity bawk a hin 87% zet hmu in a lo zo a nih. JRF fetleng ngat a hi research hi  a thaw a nih.

Nk. Lily Sangpui, D/o Pu L T Vela Khawbung, Rengkai khawmin Dept of Social Work, Mizoram University chun Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) zani khan a lo inhlân. A Doctoral Thesis hi "Indo-Myanmar Border Trade and Development in Border Villages of Mizoram" ti a nih. Prof. Kanagaraj Eswaran enkawlna hnuoia zo a nih. 

Nk. Lily Sangpui hi Master in Social Works (MSW), Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai ah zoin, Mizoram University a inthawk bawk M.Phil khawm a lo zo ta bawk a nih. Ama khawm hi UGC hnuoia Junior & Senior Research Fellowship (JRF) fethlenga Ph.D hi a thaw a nih.

Tulai hnai bawk khan Nk. Deborah Darlienmawi D/o Upa Buongneikung Buongpui, Shillong chun  IIT Kanpur, Sociology Dept. a inthawkin  Ph.D  țha takin a lo hmu ve der tah. A Doctoral Thesis chu " Women's Organizations and Social Problems in Manipur" ti a nih.

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