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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

/ Published by Simon L Infimate

~Thangsanglor Infimate

The ongoing chaos in 2020 US Election is capturing America's and the world's attention like no any other political contest in the political history of the world. And the spark was ignited when, the most courageous and powerful man in the world, President Donald J Trump stated that the Election has been stolen, while the Democrats, being championed and backed by the biased media house, went on to celebrate the unfounded victory of Joe Biden, as the President-elect of 2020 Election. Affirmatively, it's premature for the media to decide the election result. The election is not decided until the 14th of December, 2020 when the Electoral College meets. The truth is, CNN and the likes has been unfair to President Trump. All these years what they have been doing was to denigrate Trump at the cost of the Democrats and in particular of Joe Biden all through this Election season. After all, the CNN, as being painted one-sided, airs only scripted dramas written for the Democratic Party, as Times Now here in India, has been projecting itself for the ruling party all these years. But they won't succeed! “We can't let media run America“, has been the rhetoric of the 71 million legal Trump supporters and millions of others too included amongst the illegal fraudulent voters. 

As claimed this Election has been a fraud and rigged with thousands of dead people, some dating back to 1900 A.D., coming back to life and voting via mail in most of the Democrat's ruled states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Illinois, Delaware etc,. And as per report, Philadelphia, unfortunately, has got a reputation of voter fraud. There are 10 states where votes have been stolen. For instance, in one county in Michigan, election software mistakingly counted 6000 votes for Biden, that were actually cast for Donald Trump, which were apparently caught. And it is further learned that the same software was used in 47 county throughout Michigan. This is rampant corruption! This needs to be examined and be mended to determine that there has been free and fair election. And the legal process is the only way how these issues would be resolved. Well, it took 36 days to resolve the issues of multiple fraud cases in regard to the election of former President George W Bush Vs Al Gore. And it is expected that a similar process is to be played out here in 2020 Election.

Despite the media trying to tell everyone, it's over. Give up and go home, I would say, " It's not yet over. Instead, it's just the beginning. Fasten your belt as the going gets tougher!". We need to follow the law and that means allowing the legal process to play out. Historically, in recount, mailing-votes are likely to be disqualified than in-person-votes, as in-person-votes are the results conducted in the polling booths and they usually stand the test. That means, what we are likely to see in the next few weeks is that if the recount go forward Joe Biden's total of narrow majority in some of the states is likely to dropped. So, President Trump has still a chance to victory. And that path is to count every single legal vote and omitting  all the fraudulent or illegal votes cast in Joe Biden's favour. With many lawsuits already filed by the Trump campaign against so many fraudulent irregularities in the Election there is still a silver lining in the American Sky that Donald Trump would be re-elected to the White House for four more years. “If we don't want to go to Socialist's abyss then Biden needs to go", is what the Trump supporters holds. As of now, we do not know who has prevailed in the 2020 Election. Let the rule of law prevail. In this regard, accountability and transparency is the need of the hour, and it is for the Federal Court to decide who would be the President-elect to occupy the hot seat at the Oval Office.

In fact, all these conundrums were hatched. It has been a conspiracy of the Democrats with China's backing and other anti-Trump bigwigs and the mainstream media to pull down the Trump Tower that has garnered so much of widespread support for Trump's policies across America and the world over since Donald J Trump came to power in 2016. Indeed, the conspiracy did surface with the leakage of the Chinese Virus from Wuhan, in the fall of 2019, which went on to shatter the global economy and the international politics even. And sadly, the conspiracy did sound a death knell, with the dawn of 2020, to the already robust US economy with rising GDP and employment, which was wholly built by  President Trump himself since he took up the administration from Democrat's Barack Obama. True, the Pandemic rage coupled with George Floyd's episode and the 'Black Lives Matter' did trigger a Big Bang, plummeting the robust US economy and culminating into a social unrest, which brought down Trump's Success barometer to its nadir, but still true, not to derail Trump's steadfast and unshaken dream to 'Make America Great Again Again'. 

The 2020 US Election has indeed exposed the great divide in the American Society and even the spilt in the World Politics too. Today, American Democracy is facing the toughest of the challenges in terms of accountability and transparency, of being a free and fair Democracy. At these junctures, the Americans and the world over needs a leader to defend the principles of democratic free world, which has already been shaken, from the onslaught of authoritarianism, generated by the deadly Pandemic. To be candid, the leadership of the hour lies in one person alone. And he has proven himself to be the fearless and the most courageous man to defend 'the Truth', as a pragmatic and steadfast leader of the most powerful nation of the world. He is 'the One' and only Donald J Trump, the Defender of Faith and the harbinger of a free world. 

God bless America and God bless President Trump! 

"The Truth Shall Prevail"

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