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HPC(D) Manipur Region in Tuithapi khuo thiltlung le inzawmin thusuok an siem

Thursday, August 27, 2020

/ Published by Simon L Infimate

CCPur, August 27, August 27,2020, Virthli(ONP): Tuithapi Chairman/Secretary in an venga thiltlung le inzawma thusuok an siem le inzawmin HPC(D) Manipur Region chun a hnuoia ang hin thusuok an siem ve.




Serve the Nation



Tarik 26 August 2020 ni a Tuithapi Chairman/Secretary le a dang dang hai in Condemnation an siem le inzawma HPC(D) Sanga Group intum a um hi khel let der a nih.

HPC(D) General Headquarter inti le hnam dang thangkawpa Propaganda the a, an ni hi Non-SoO Group Sawrkar khawma a i hrietpui lo gang party(dacoit) haiin buoina siem nuom a hnam

le hnam, hnam dang le Hmar buoina an siem nuom leia Propaganda an the lar hi HPC(D) chun a dit naw hle a nih. Lalkham@LK Hmar le Alan Famhoite Group HPC(D) General Headquarter

ti a insal le an inthlawppui Hnam dang haiin silai tam tak pe a Hmar hnam sunga thisen insuo dinga Scheme le Plan an siem hi hlawtling ngai naw nih.

Vawisun nia Tuithapi a silai an va kap puok hi a vawikhatna chau an ta naw a, an thil tum tak chu hnam dang le Hmar hi buoi inla ti hi an thil tum chu a ni a, amiruokchu HPC(D)hin a dit nawa an si kieng char char lem a nih. Chu le inzawm chun an ni hi Non-SoO Group ni zing si a buoina tamtak an siem hi Hmar hnam chun a hrietthiem thei ta naw a, Sawrkar le Hmar mi thenkhatin inhumhimna (Shelter) an la pek zing khawm hi HPC(D) chun a hrietthiem thei ta naw bawk a, an chunga an phu ang tawk hremna Concern Authority in an pek chu HPC(D) Manipur region chun a dit dan a nih. 



Information & Publicity,

HPC (D) Manipur Region.


English Version

Press Release, dated August 26, 2020, issued by the Chairman /Secretary of Tuithapi village along with various affiliated bodies condemning and blaming "HPC (D) Sanga Group" for the unwanted drama is a blatant lie. The HPC (D) is convinced that the childish ploy is the handiwork of non other than the so-called HPC (D) General Headquarter, a non-SoO gang party (dacoit), which is led by Lalkham @ LK Hmar and Alan Famhoite. This dacoit party are not even recognised by the Government. LK Hmar and Alan Famhoite - led gang has been ceaselessly devising divisive games with the intentions of putting Hmar at loggerheads with other tribes. They are being armed by various groups to shed Hmar blood. However, God will not allow precious and innocent Hmar blood to shed in vain.

The blank fire at Tuithapi village is not the first of its kind anymore. The attempt of the ill design is to put Hmar in conflict with others. However, aware of the reeking tribalism, the HPC (D) has been constantly keeping itself aloof from wetting its hands.

The HPC(D) can no longer  tolerate a non-SoO group that is constantly attempting to generate violence and conflict. It cannot understand why sections of the state actors and Hmar people are protecting and sheltering a notorious gang. The HPC (D), hereby, earnestly request the concerned authorities to take immediate and necessary actions against the gang led by LK Hmar and Alan Famhoite in the good interests of the Hmar people.

John Hmar 


Information & Secretary

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