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Consul General a hlangkai le sawn

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
Shillong, August 04, 2020, Virthli(ONP): Pu John Ruolngul, IFS S/o (L) Rev. Darsanglien Ruolngul, tuta Copenhagen, Denmark a Counsellor, Embassy of India a um mêk chu Hamburg, Germany a 'Consul General', Head of Post a transfer a nih.Consulate General of India a alû tak niin Independent Charge a nih. Pathien zara a dam chun kum tâwp hmaa zawm hman dinga beisei a nih.

Pu John Ruolngul hi kum 1987 khan Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) hnuoia sin zawm ṭanin kum 2003 khan IFS a hlangkai a nih.

Virthli chun ei lawmpui takzet a nih.
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