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"COVID-19 and China's roadmap: A Conspiracy"

Friday, March 27, 2020

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
~Thangsanglor Infimate

Today, we are witnessing neo-colonialism in it's new avatar, as COVID-19. The Corona virus (COVID-19) has unleashed it's wrath sparing no nations, not even the most powerful nation, the Superpower US. Well, I would rather call COVID-19 as the 21st Century neo-imperialism i.e., Chinese imperialism on a rampage or say a bull in a China Shop.

COVID-19 is China's expansionist strategy across the globe.This is a clendestine 'Biological Warfare' unleashed by the Red Army, the Chinese Communist Govt. against the US and the World Governments.This has been programmed by the CCP. The Chinese have introduced the virus, and well they do have the antidote.The motive behind this is to terrorise the people across the globe and to expand its tentacles across the world through medicines, not through guns or bombs nor through ideas anymore as was in the era of post WWII during the Cold War, and finally to emerge as the Saviour of the nations, as the global economic giant.

Yes, the crux of the fact is to usher in Chinese hegemony in world politics by dislodging the US through Chinese monopoly of the world economy. As a matter of fact, Chinese goods have flooded and captured almost the whole of the international markets by now. The Chinese OBOR project in recent times of rekindling the old silk route and the Hambantota port deal in the Indian Ocean etc, all points towards China's strategy to emerge as the lone Superpower in the years to come. The most recent China's diplomatic ties with the Solomon islands and it's economic ties with Tulagi island in the South Pacific, Dec 2019, and the South China Sea conundrum is a matter of great concern in international politics. All these developments have tilted wholly in favour of Chinese foreign policy disrupting the balance of powers in the Pacific as well.

Today, while the world panics over COVID-19, China rejoices for many reasons. Such as: 1) for the global economic slowdown as the world is experiencing the worst economic collapse in history today, worse than the Great Depression 1929; for instance the crude oil price has slipped to the tune of Rs. 13.5 per litre which means it's cheaper than water; 2) her trade rival the US is in dilemma busy combating the virus; 3) this has been China's technique even to mitigate her populace (masses), with millions of death in China alone (as per unofficial reports ) inorder to usher in a robust Chinese economy.

Chinese Conspiracy 

When the US President Donald Trump exhorted COVID-19 as 'Chinese virus' the tip of the iceberg did surface. However, Trump failed to assess the Chinese Red Trojan horse. And it died down when the press backed by Democrats Nancy Pelosi heavily came down on the President for his rhetoric. Mr.Guo Wengui, a billionaire in the US, held that the Americans are too naive to understand the Chinese. Well, it's all over now.The Chinese have had all their shares just by one single stroke.

As said already COVID-19 was hatched, stealthily crafted by the CCP while the whole world was asleep. Chinese do have the antidote and they are immune. As programmed, with the outbreak of the virus leading to a global catastrophe and followed by the total Lockdowns, China is on the prowl to take control of the entire global economy. As per sources, it is learned that China has bought 30% of the shares of the companies in Europe and the US at a very low price. China as the owner wants these companies to stay in China and earn $ 20,000 Billions.

China would soon emerge as the economic giant subduing the once economic giants the US, Japan, UK, Germany, Italy and even India under its feet. And finally China would be looked upon as the Saviour to salvage the nations from the worst economic crisis ever recorded in the history, a replica of what the US did in the post World Wars. New York Governor Andre Cuomo held, "Ventilators are to this war what missiles were to WWII". True, and as it requires steel to cut a steel, vaccine (Made in China) would play vital role as the determining factor to end this 'Invisible War' or 'Bio-Terrorism' started by China herself and eventually it would culminate into a new era of Chinese dominance in the World Politics.

Well, these are my views and assumption on the present developments in the  International Politics and China's roadmap from here..

But all these will pass away. 
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