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Patpuihmun Gospel Centenary Celebration 2020 Programme

Saturday, January 18, 2020

/ Published by Simon L Infimate

Theme: 'Darkness to Light' (Isiah 9:2)
Venue: Patpuihmun Gospel Centenary Hall, 
Patpuihmun, Pherzawl District 

Duration: 23. - 25th January, 2020 

1. Pastor L. Duoilo Biete
2. Rev. Vanlalruoi
3. Rev. Huolthangsei Thiek, Senior Director, EAC
4. Rev. Dr. J. Huoplien Neitham, Moderator, EFCI
5. Rev. Laldinglien, Vice-Chairman, PGCCC

Special Guests: 
1. Dr. Chaltonlien Amo, Hon'ble MLA
2. Shri. Lal Hossan, Hon'ble MDC
3. Smt. Mannuamching, IAS/DC, Pherzawl District
4. Shri. Derrick L. Khawbung, SDO, Vangai Range
5. Elder Ruolkhumlien Buhril, IAS, Secretary, Department of Land Resource, Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India
6. Prof. Dr. Vanlalnghak, HoD, NEHU
7. Elder Dr. RK Singson, Retd. Programme Officer, AIR

Centenary Monument unveiling and dedication by Elder Er. Lalthanzam Amo, Chairman, ECCI

Souvenir release by Dr. Chaltonlien Amo, Hon'ble MLA

Rev. Roparlien Ralsun

Mr. Hrilthankung Sielhnam

Patpuihmun Gospel Centenary Celebration Committee(PGCCC)

------------------ PROGRAMME---------------------

23rd January, 2020 | Ningani Zan
5:00 – 6:30 PM :

*Procession of Gospel Torch
Lead by Pu Lalvulmawi, Chief of Patpuihmun

*Lighting of Gospel Centenary Flame
Rev. Roparlien Ralsun, Chairman PGCCC

6:30 PM

*Gospel Centenary Hall hawngna le Programme inhlanna

*Minister : Rev. Vanlalringa, Darlong PS, VP, EFCI

7:00 PM

Worship Service :

Praise & Worship - Worship Team

Conductor : Pu Vanlalthang

Keynote Address : Upa Lalchunghnung, Chairman, PJCC

Invocation : Upa Lalthlamuon

Introduction & Announcement : Pu Hrilthankung Sielhnam, Secretary PGCCC

Gospel Message : Pastor L. Duoilo Biete

Benediction : Pastor Laltlankung

24th January, 2020 | Zirtawpni Zing
10:30 AM :

Worship Service :

Praise & Worship - Worship Team

Conductor : Pu Darthangsuok

Invocation : Upa Laltlansung

Greetings :

1.Upa Ruolkhumlien Buhril, IAS

2.Pu Derrick L. Khawbung, SDO Vangai

Release of Souvenir : Dr. Chaltonlien Amo, Hon’ble MLA

Gospel Message : Rev.Vanlalruoi

Benediction : Rev. Thangrolien, PS ICI

24th January, 2020 | Zirtawpni Zan
5:30 AM

Worship Service :

Praise & Worship - Worship Team

Conductor : Pu Lalnghaklien Ralsun

Invocation : Upa L. Zainghak

Greetings :

1.Pu Lal Hossan, Hon’ble MDC

2.Professor Upa Dr. Vanlalnghak

Thawlawm : Gospel Fund

Inhlantu : Upa Lalrothlang, Fin. Secy. PGCCC

Chawimawina Thilpek : Chairman/Secretary PJCC

Gospel Message : Rev. Huolthangsei Thiek, Senior Director EAC

Benediction : Pastor Lalruotthang

25th January, 2020 | inrinni zing
10:00 AM

Gospel Centenary Lung Hawngna

Conductor : Upa Lalzarlien Ralsun

Lung hawngtu : Upa Er. Lalthanzam Amo, Chairman, ECCI

Centenary Dar vuokna :

Worship Service :

Praise & Worship - Worship Team

Conductor : Upa Tuolrohlu

Invocation : Upa LB Thanga

Introduction & Announcement : Pu Lalrohuol, Secretary, PJCC

Greetings :

1.Dr. Chaltonlien Amo, Hon’ble MLA

2.Pi Mannuamching IAS, DC, Pherzawl District

Thawlawm : Gospel Centenary fund

Inhlantu : Upa Lalbiekthang Amaw

Gospel Message : Rev. Dr. J. Huoplien Neitham, Moderator EFCI

Chawimawina Thilpek : Chairman/Secretary, PGCCC

Benediction : Pastor Lalchunglur

Gospel Centenary Ruoi - 2:30 PM

*Ruoi Inhlantu : Upa Dr. Phirthanglien Buhril

25th January, 2020 | inrinni zan
6:00 PM

Worship Service:

Praise & Worship - Worship Team

Conductor: Upa Lalenghlun

Invocation: Upa Lalramlien

Greetings: Upa Dr. RK Singson, Rtd. Programme Officer, AIR

Gospel Message: Rev. Laldinglien, Vice Chairman, PGCCC

Finance Report : Upa Lalrothlang, Finance Secretary, PGCCC

Vote of Thanks & Closing : Rev. Roparlien Ralsun, Chairman, PGCCC

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