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The 16th State Level Hmar Martyrs Trophy 4th Quarter Final

Friday, May 10, 2019

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
CCPur, May 10, 2019, Virthli (ONP): HMARTOB huoihawtna hnuoia The 16th State Level Hmar Martyrs' Trophy 4th Quarter Final chu vawisun khan nei a nih. Hun hawng tawngtaina Pu Robert L. Hmar, HMARTOB, Game-in-Charge in a nei a. Hi huna hin Khuollienin Pu Lalthlamuong Keivawm, Proprietor M/s Sunrise Indane Gramin Vitrak, Tipaimukh Parbung, Pherzawl District a thang a, thu a hrilna a chun Hnam ta dinga martyr changhai inzana insangtak a pek thu le Hmar Martyrs' Trophy football tournament hi tluong taka fe pei dingin a ditsak thu a hril. Hi huna hin Pu Lalvullien Hmar, Chairman, HMARTOB in khuollien chawimawina thilpek memento inhlanna hun a hmang a. Khuollien khawma HMARTOB hai thilpek inhlanna a nei ve.

Hi hunser hmang huna hin Artiste- Nk. Mercy Lalumpuiin hnam hla mawi tak tak sakin mipui fekhawm hai an awi. Khuollien in Players hai inspection a nei zoin 4th Quarter Final Match Ngurte Youth Club (NYC) le KIM Commissariat ha'n an inkhel a, full time ah 1-1 in an in draw leiin penalty kick nei a ni a, KIM Commissariat in 3-1 in hratna an lo chang tah. Man of the Match in Kim Commissariat FC player- Khaiminlien thlang a ni a, match inkhel zo a ni hunah Pu German, KNF (MC) in prize inhlanna a nei a, Pu Alan Hmar, Defense Secretary, HPC(D) GHQ khawma a uop bawk.

Zinga (May 11, 2019) 2:00PM hin 1st Semi Final match FAST le Tuithaphai FC ha'n inkhel an tih.
Ngurte YC's dream run halted by painful lost on penalty shout-out as fairytale campaign of Kim Commissariat FC still prevail

By Seiminlun Kipgen, Virthli

Ccpur, the 10th May, 2019: Ngurte YC appeared to have sealed a place into the semi-finals after preserving lead, which promising star Khaiminthang Lhungdim
(9) had given them, for majority of the second-half but Kaiminlen (8) left it late to rescue Kim Commissariat FC, who eventually prevailed through penalty shout-out, in today's last matchday of the quarter-finals round played between Ngurte YC and Kim Commissariat FC at Saikot playground, Churachandpur.

With both sides drawing blank during first-half, the second-half arrived with entertainment as Ngurte YC went in front courtesy of a 42nd-minute strike by promising star Khaiminthang Lhungdim(9). However, despite preserving lead for majority of the second period, Ngurte YC lost ground late on as Kaiminlien (8) restored parity for Kim Commissariat FC fourteen minutes from the end of regulation period and after both sides ended the match with a draw, penalty shout-out was enforced to settle the match and accordingly, Kim Commissariat FC emerged 3-1 winners to set up a semi-final date with Saikot YC on 13th May, 2019.

🌍 The Starting Line-Ups :


1. Siemlalpaul.
2. Kaiminlien.
3. Lun Joel.
4. Minlien Gangte.
5. Paolinmei.
6. Lalsiemthang Fimate.
7. Lamthianlal Vaiphei.
8. Zom Gangte.
9. Paotinmang.
10. Paulienjel Gangte.
11. Mangpu Thangsing.


1. Chhuanthavung (goalkeeper).
2. Khaiminthang Lhungdim.
3. Zoulien Neitham.
4. Lalminlien Neitham.
5. Thomas Khup Vaiphei.
6. Kamsanglen Singson.
7. Paulemsiam Vaiphei.
8. Seiminlien.
9. James Nonoa.
10. Gegen.

11. Lalminlian Samte.

Photographs by Muona Infimate

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