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The 16th Hmar Martyrs’ Trophy 2019: KNOCK-OUT ROUND | Matchday Review

Friday, May 3, 2019

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
By Seiminlun Kipgen, Sports Columnist, Virthli (ONP)

CCPur, May 03, 2019, Virthli (ONP): Jangneithang Khongsai scored twice as heavyweights Tuithaphai SC trounced Ahsisomleng FC 4-0 to enter quarter-final while a brace from Laldarmawia helped Kapthuom Memorial Team to a 3-0 victory over Bungmual YC in today’s knock-out round encounters of the ongoing 16th Hmar Martyrs’ Trophy 2019 played at Saikawt playground, Churachandpur.

In today’s first match between Tuithaphai SC and Ahsisomleng SC, a 29th-minute strike from Jangneithang Khongsai(19) of Tuithaphai SC separated the two sides at half-time. Early period of the second-half saw Tuithaphai SC doubling their advantage through Muri(15) and midway through the second-half, Jangneithang Khongsai(19) added his second of the afternoon and a late Biaklian Paite(12) sealed the match 4-0 in favour of Tuithaphai SC to enter the quarter-finals round.

The second match of the day between Kapthuom Memorial Team of Muolvaiphei and Bungmual YC was tense and evenly matched as both sides adopted an attacking approach and but past the 10-minute mark, Kapthuom MT went in front through Laldarmawia(10) and the first-half ended 1-0. The second-half saw Laldarmawia scoring his second of the afternoon in the 43rd-minute and a late Jehovah Laltlansang(7)’s goal earned Kapthuom Memorial Team a 3-0 victory over Bungmual YC.

🌍 The starting line-ups:


Mong Hmangte(1).

1. Haulallawm Vaiphei(11).
2. Jangneithang Khongsai(19).
3. Lalminlun Vaiphei(4).
4. Bawirosang Shoute(6).


1. Dinesh Singh(8).
2. Henry Thanglalmuan(17).
3. Md. Imran Khan(9).
4. Biaklian Paite(12).

1. Deepak Singh (20).
2. Buonthanglun (7).


1. Paothang Haokip.
2. Samuel Mangsuanthang.
3. James Lianlunmang.
4. Thangminjoy.
5. Minlun Haokip.
6. William Gangte.
7. Thangcha.
8. Thanglalrem Gangte.
9. James Lalminthang.
10. Khamminlian.
11. Moses Khongsai.


1. Prem Kumar (15).
2. Kathelhring(20).
3. John Wesley(12).
4. Rosanglien(6).
5. Jehova Lalremruot(11).
6. James (9).
7. Laldarmawia (10).
8. Jehovah Ramdinsang(4).
9. Ramchuoilo(8).
10. Darthangthieng(2).
11. Jehovah Laltlansanga(7).


1. Suanginkhup(30).
2. Thonzathang(17).
3. Michael(18).
4. Pau Johnson(13).
5. Dalthiansiam(19).
6. Khamlianmang(6).
7. Pauthansang(25).
8. Lianbiaksiam(11).
9. Songkhanlun(10).
10. Lamkhanlal(3).
11. Ginsonlal(14).

Photographs by Muona Infimate

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