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Winter Carnival in Aid of The Children's Home: Saikot

Monday, December 10, 2018

/ Posted by Simon L Infimate
CCPur, December 10, 2018, Virthli (ONP): The Children's Home: Saikot chun hung tlung ding tarik 11-15th December 2018 inkar sung khin WINTER CARNIVAL in aid of The Children's Home: Saikot, Fahra thangpuinain an playground Saikot ah zantin huoihawt an tih. Hi carnival ah hin zantin charity concert nei ning a ta, chun infiemna chi hran hran hieng Open challenge Table Tennis le Carrom, ping-pong games chi dang dang, angry birds, target kick le throw, airgun, lucky draw, ring throw puitling le naupang ta ding, chun Korean Stall um bawk a tih. Korean stall a hin Korean rama mi ngei inman deu deu chi dang dang zawr ni bawk a tih. Hi baka hin infiemna chi hran hran stall 20 lai um bawk a tih.

Tarik 11 Dec 2018 zan hin Opening Ceremony nei ning a ta, Dr. L. Fimate, Director, Mizoram Institute of Medical Education and Research (MIMER) chu Chief Guest-a thangin carnival le stall hai hawngna nei a ta, a nei zo charin Charity Concert-in zawm nghal a tih. Charity Concert a hin hla sak thiem tak tak hieng Nk. Melody Varte (Pengpelep), Nk. Mami Sinate, Nk. Mercy Lalumpui (Pengpelep), Nk. Florance Sungte, Pu. Ramhluolien Khawbung le a dang dang haiin hla ruoi ţhe bawk an tih. Opening zan baka hin zan danga haia khawm hla ruoi ţhe zing ning a ta, hla sak thiem tak tak haiin mipui fekhawm hai inawi an tih.

Hi baka hin tarik 12th December 2018 zantieng khin SAVE A CHILD ti thupuia hmangin Charity Dinner huoihawt ni bawk a tih.

Hi Winter Carnival a ţhang ding le Charity Dinner hung kîlpui dingin Organizing Board chun mitin fielna a siem.

1. Thuiţhaiphai ruoma hla sak thiem tak tak hai inawina hnuoiah zantin Concert um ding.
2. Thuomhnaw ţha tak tak inchawk theina 99 Store.
3. Bits World dawra inthawk Mobile Accessories le Electric gadgets in man tak taka Carnival sale um ding.
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