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Silchar a thiltlung le inzawma Lakhipur Municipal Hmar Area Development Committee thu suok

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
Hmarkhawlien, December 11, 2018, Virthli (ONP): 24th November, 2018 nia Silchar a Hmar nupui han kut an tuorna le inzawmin Lakhipur Municipal Hmar Area Development Committee chun thu suok an siema, thiltlung chu an dem hle bakah ngenna point 5 lai an siem. Superintendent of Police, Cachar chun Gracy Hmar le Lalmuonpui Hmar hai chunga kuttlaktu hai an hma tienga uluk taka sui dingin an hril a, inhnawmhnawi hai po po dan ang taka hremna pek ding, civil society le Silchar mipui hai chu mani mhriem chanpui hai chunga kutthlakna/tharum hmangna hrim hrim hai do dinga intiem ding le kuttuor hai zangnadawmna pek ni hai sien ti hai chu an thu suok chun a tarlang.


Condemnations continued to pour from various organizations and civil societies regarding the Silchar incident in which two women vendors Gracy Hmar and Lalmuonpui Hmar, both residence of Hmarkhawlien village under Lakhipur Sub-Division, Cachar District were assaulted physically at the heart of Silchar on road side market at Jail road on 24th November, 2018 by a gang members of Durga Paul, Sagnick Gupta and Priya Majumdar. The Lakhipur Municipal Hmar Area Development Committee (LMHADC) has condemned the alleged manner in which Durga Paul and her party physically assaulted the two tribal women vendors and asked Durga Paul’s gang not to perpetrate these heinous  acts of violence against fellow citizens in future.

In a peace loving city like Silchar, where the rights and value of citizens are respected there is no room or place for violence against fellow citizens and we urge all civil societies to join us in demanding for the following:

1. THAT the Superintendent of Police, Cachar immediately launches serious and credible investigations into the assault of Gracy Hmar and Lalmuonpui Hmar.

2. THAT the office of Superintendent of Police, Cachar Prosecutions prosecutes to the fullest extent of the law, everyone involved in this assault.

3. THAT all civil societies especially Silcharian sign a pledge that opposes all forms of violence and intimidation against assaulting fellow citizens in future.

4. THAT the government through relevant office must arrange compensation for the victims.

We finally ask that all public in general continue to hold sacred the rights provided by our constitution. Continue to hold value provided by our cultures and traditions but speak out against such atrocity, inhumanity and barbarity. We must all assume responsibilty to end all form of violence that we will come out to strongly condemn such acts whenever they arise.



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