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Hmar Inpui GHQ in Pi L.S. Changsan, IAS kuoma Lawmthu hrilna lekha a thawn

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

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CCPur, December 05, 2018, Virthli (ONP): November 29, 2018 ni a Assam sawrkar in December 5 - Sikpui Ruoi Restricted Holiday a ahung puong le inzawmin Hmar Inpui GHQ chun nasa taka sawrkar tienga thang lo latu Pi Pi L.S. Changsan, IAS chu lawmthu hrilna lekha a hnuoia ang hin a thawn.


Smt. L. S. Changsan, IAS
Principal Secretary
Home and Political Department
Government of Assam

On the declaration of ‘SIKPUI RUOI’ as a RESTRICTED HOLIDAY in Assam by the Government of Assam

Respected Madame,

The Hmar Inpui, General Headquarters sends you our warmest greetings on this auspicious day of the Hmar Sikpui Ruoi, 5th December 2018.

The Hmar Inpui, General Headquarters is elated and in profound gratitude to you and your kind office for the altruistic initiatives taken to officially declare Sikpui Ruoi and 5th December, the main day of the festival as a Restricted Holiday in the Gazette of the Government of Assam vide GAG Letter No. GAG (A) 81/2016/Pt-1/31, dated 29th November 2018. This is indeed a historic day for the Hmar peoples of Assam per se and the Hmar diaspora in general.

Among all other festivals of the Hmars, Sikpui Ruoi is especially significant emotionally, culturally and spiritually as it is a festival of ‘fapang r╚âlinsan’ or a year of abundance; an expression of the tribe’s symbiotic relation with nature and their mutual dependence for sustenance; a festival where everyone enjoy without any social inhibition or distinction. We ardently pray we could do more than just letting you know how grateful we are to you and the Government of Assam for recognising this.

As such, we shall not cease to look for more ways to express our gratitude.

Once more, we earnestly wish you a memorable Sikpui Ruoi celebration and pray to the almighty to bless you abundantly in days to come.

Honoured to be yours faithfully,

(Joseph Lalrothang)
General President

(Francis Songate)
General Secretary

5th December, 2018

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