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Ni 9 (Kuo) Hnungin An Lang Ṭan

Saturday, October 6, 2018

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
Saikot, Saturday, Oct. 6, 2018, Virthli (ONP): Department of Informations and Publicity, Saikot Sub Division Demand Cum Development Committee a inthawk thu ei dawng danin Sizo Festival zo hnung a ni ni kuo ni'n result an lang ṭan thu ei dawng.

Memorundam SSDDC haiin reminder an lo submit chu Sawrkarin a ngaimaw hle a. Chuleiin, District Administration, aiin Pu Lalramsang Infimate, MCS, Addl. Deputy Commissioner, Churachandpur le Manipur State Co-Operative Bank, aiaw Pu Subash, MCS, Managing Director, MSCB, le Pu Angoba, Adm. Manipur State Co-Operative Bank, Imphal team le Pi Lalṭhazam, MCS, SDO, hai chun Saikot SDO Complex Bank Building ding le ATM hmun ding, Inspection an nei.

Chun, SSDDC, Chairman, Timothy Z. Zote in Concern Department, Principal Secretary, Pu J.C. Ramthanga, IAS, Govt. of Manipur chu mobile phone hmangin chawp le chilin ngenna a siem le inruolin Principal Secretary ngeiin Bank inspection team hai chu a hung biek nghal a, inspection team-hai chun, Bank chu December, 2018 khin hawng hman ngei an ring thu an hril a nih.

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