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First Sizo Festival Organising Committee Closing Programme le Lawmthu Hrilna

Saturday, October 6, 2018

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
Saikot/Tuithaphai, 5 October 2018: Children's Home Library-ah First Sizo Festival Organising Committee in proramme review le closing programme hmang a nih. Hi inkhawmna hi Rev. Dr. Lalnghakthangin a keihruoia, Sizo Festival hmang le inzawma, thaw suol, thaw that, thaw ding awm thaw lo, thaw ta lo ding chi dam, hmang nawk pei dan ding thlirna hun Rev. Vanlalhlun Traite, Vice Chairman in a hmang.

Pu Lalhuolhim F. Tusing, Secretary, Sizo Festival in Organising Committee sin bangkhai bawzui ding hai tiemna le Property hai le Sizo Festival chungchang reng reng chu HYA,  Saikot Branch kuomah an hlan sawng.

Nk. Lalremruot Thiek in Finance report a pek zoin,  Organising committee Chairman- in HYA Tuithaphai Jt. Hqrs. kuomah Ambulance Project thangpuina in Rs. 5000/Sangnga an hlan.

Sizo Festival hmang ni a, Chief Guest in Red Blanket a pek chu, Chief Federation, Saikot Sub Division, Secretary, Pu Lalhriet a kuomah inhlan a ni bawk.

Chun, Sizo Festival hmang ni a moral support le Students support petu hai:Douglas Memorial High School, Rengkai, Mount Carmel High School, Muolvaiphei, Stephen High School, Shepherd High School, Saikot Govt. High School, ICI Standard English School, SYC le EFCI KTP hai kuomah Valley Ball le net, Football present an nih.

Thu hril hun hawngnaah, Timothy Z. Zote, Visioner/President, HYA Saikot Branch chun, "Organising Committee kuomah, Mipui, Student, Head of institutions hai kuomah le Pathien kuomah lawm thu" a hril..

Pu Lalhriet Famhoite, Secretary, Chief Federation, Saikot Sub Division le Tv. Lallienkhum Taite, Secretary, HYA Tuithaphai Jt. Hqrs. haiin thuhrilna an nei bawk.

Hi hunser a hin, Pi Lalthazam, MCS, SDO, Saikot le Media person, Pu Lalmalsawm Sellate, Editor, Hmasawnna Thar Daily le Pu Isaac le Zosanglien Zote, Manmasi Cable a inthawk an thang bawk.

Rev. Vanlalhlun Taite, Vice Chairman, Sizo Festival Organising Committee in tawngtaina neiin hun a suktawp.

Organising Committee chun, Pu P. Sharat Chandra Singh, MLA, A.C, Moirang, Govt. Chief Whip of Manipur, (Chie guest), Guest of honour Pi Thangthatling, Social Worker,  Function President, Pu T. Romeo Hmar, Convener, Manipur Tribals Forum, Delhi, Sizo Festival Pa Pu Joseph Lalrothang, President, Hmar Inpui, Hqrs.le Festival Nu Pi J.L.Sawmi, President, Hmar Women Association, Hqrs. bakah HPC (D), Manipur Region, HPC(D) (President) khawsunga Saikot, VA, Hmar Returnee Association, HYA, Tuithaphai, Jt. Hqrs, HYA, Hqrs., HWA, Saikot Unit, SYC, Saikot Defence Party, Saikot Val Upa, HYA Saikot Branch, EFCI KTP, Saikot Ladies Association, financial, morally, physically, mi thangpuituhai po po kuomah media fethlengin lawm thu kan hril takzet a nih.

Print, electronic, social media, website publicity mi thaw pektuhai kuomah khawm lawm thu kan hril takzet bawk a nih.

Timothy Z. Zote
Department of Informations and publicity,
First Sizo Festival Committee 2018.

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