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Tak Anlakna Fitness Gym upgrade a nih

Friday, April 27, 2018

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Muolhoi/Haflong, April 27, 2018, Virthli (ONP): Muolhoi khawpuia um Tak Anlakna Fitness Gym chu upgrade alo ni tah. Gym dang haia la um zen zen lo Outdoor Fitness equipment hieng Battle Rope, Sledge Hammer, Tyre Workout hai lâk thar ani a, hienghai bak a hin hmangruo thar Leg Press le Dumbbell set Kg tamtak hai lâk belsa a nih. Hieng thuomhnaw lâk thar hlawk hai hi Pastor James Lalremthang in Pathien kuoma inhlânna zani (26.04.2018) khan a nei.

Tak Anlâkna Fitness Gym an'thawk hin kum tin deu thaw State Level le Competition dang dang a hai an lo inlang nuol tah a, Hi Fitness Gym neitu Pu Zara Zote hi Dima Hasao District a khawm District Body Building and Fitness Association a Vice President chellai zing a nih. Tuhin Student hi za (100) chuong lai zet a nei a, training khawm ama hin ṭhatak in pein Diet Plan hai khawm ṭha tawk takin a student hai hi a kawk hmu hlak a nih. Hi Fitness Gym a hin Protein Powder dit ang ang Online Rate ah inman taka hmu thei zing a nih.

Pu Zara Zote thiltumtak chu nunghak tlangval hun awl nuoma hmang ral el loa taksa insawizawina le hrisêlna an nei theina ding le mi tam takin fâk zawngna lampui kawngkhat bêk an lo hmu theina ding ngaituona leia vision ṭhatak neia alo hawng a ni a, a Gym khawm hi a hlawtlinga ngaiven a hlaw hle a nih.
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