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Hmar Inpui in Order kokir a, sukdikna siem dingin sawrkar a phut

Monday, December 11, 2017

/ Published by VIRTHLI
CCpur, December 11, 2017, Virthli (ONP): Directorate of Settlement and Land Record, Govt of Manipur Proclamation No. 4/69/87/ -DLR (Vol-iv) Dated 29th Nov. 2017 dungzuia Jiribam District sunga Revenue Survey thawna ding order suk suoka uma Pherzawl District a khuo 10 lai zet Borobekra Sub-Division, Jiribam District a inthangtir le inzawmin Hmar Inpui ( Hmar Supreme House) General Headquarters chun thusuok a siema, hi order hi kokira sukdikna siem dingin sawrkar chu a phut a, a kokir nawa thawlui ani chun Pherzawl District huom sunga khuo 10 haia hin survey inthaw tir ni naw ni a, iengpokhawm lo tlung sien sawrkarin a maw phur a tih tiin Hmar Inpui thusuok chun a hril.

11th December 2017, Pherzawl

Apropos to the Proclamation No.4/69/87-DLR (Vol-IV), dated 29th November 2017 issued by the Directorate of Settlement and Land Records, Government of Manipur in reference to Government of Manipur Secretariat Revenue Department Letter No. 4/29/LAND SURVEY/2017/Com (Rev), dated20/11/2017, the Hmar Inpui (Hmar Supreme House) is constrained to bring forward to the attention of the Government of Manipur the flawed and apparently insidious attempt to encroach on lands belonging to a hill district. This is most shameful and unbecoming and for which, the Hmar Inpui is most appalled.

That, the proclamation included 10 (Ten) villages of Pherzawl District for a revenue survey and preparation/revision of the record-of-right under the Manipur Land Revenue & Land Reform Act, 1960 as part of Borobekra Sub-Division, Jiribam District, Manipur. The villages are:

1. Borokhal (Khangbor)
2. Kasurbali
3. Nungsek Punji
4. Mulkhangthol (Muolkhang)
5. Henchung Punji (Sungakhal)
6. Sibapurikhal (Ankhasuo)
7. Nutunlalpani (Tuisen)
8. Phailenthang Punji
9. Putikhal
10. Terathol

We are of the opinion that the ‘inclusion’ of these villages under Pherzawl District as part of Borobekra Sub-Division, Jiribam District is nothing but intentional and a blatant attempt to encroach upon the lands of other hill districts. As such, the Hmar Inpui strongly calls upon the Government and concerned department discontinue its narrow, divisive, unethical and violative politics upon communities it consider weak and not a threat. It calls upon the Government to immediately revoke the order and issue a corrigendum to this effect immediately. If this is not done, the people of Pherzawl District will do its best to prevent the survey in its area and any undesirable consequences will be solely upon the Government.

Gen. Secretary

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