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HSA LOGO Design Competition

Friday, November 4, 2016

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Kumnawk 2017 a HSA Shillong in kum 60 a tlingna Diamond Jubilee lawmna ding le inzawmin Diamond Jubilee logo/masthead design competition a nuom taphawt hai thang thei dingin buotsai a nih. Inhnikna nei hai chun email-in a sample hung thelut dingin ei ingen nghal.

Diamond Jubilee logo/masthead design pawma um chu a design-tu kuomah Rs. 1000 + Certificate + Diamond Jubilee T-Shirt inhlan ning a tih.

Rules thenkhat:

1. Mi pakhat anthawk design nuom zat zat thelut thei ning a tih.

2. Sample design chu a thelut ding a nih.

3. Design pawmin a um chun a design JPG le PNG file a um sa ding a nih. A thei chun PSD file khawm um sa thei bawk sien.

4. Design pawma um chu HSA Jt. Hqrs., Shillong property hung ning a ta, tul le tha a tina na ah hmang thei a tih.

5. November 30, 2016 in hi competition hi suktawp ning a tih.

Note: Jubilee logo/masthead umzie hre lo hai ta dingin HSA Platinum Jubilee ei hmang tuma masthead kha hi link a hin en thei ning a tih:

Competition organised by HSA Shillong Diamond Jubilee Celebration Organising Committee in association with Virthli. For any query, contact Tv. Simon Infimate or Tv. Joyful Thiek.

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