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Liensangvung Award 2016 semna nei

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

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CCpur, June 15, 2016 : Vawisun (15.6.2016) khan HLS Manipur hmalakna hnuoiah LIENSANGVUNG AWARD-2016 peksuokna Programme puithu taka hmang a nih. Hi Programme hi Pu H.Zaneisangin a keihruoi a, Rev.B.L.Sandamin tawngtainaa hun a hawng zovin Pu L.Ruoivel Pangamte, Secretary, HLS Manipur in Keynote address le puong ding tulhai hrilna hun a hmang. Pu Joseph Lalrothang, President, Hmar Inpui le HLS Executive member ni bawkin Lawmman inhlanna a nei a, Rev. (Dr) Lalhmuoklienin Lawmman dawnGtuhai le a petuhai tadinga tawngtaina a nei nghal bawk. Donors le receipients& parents haia inthawk thuhril tawi ngaithlak a nih a, Rev.Ros Infimate, Chairman, HCLF in Vote of thanks le tawngtaina a nei zovin thlaithleng kil tlang a nih.

Liensangvung Award dawngtuhai hi sumfai Rs.15000 le citation inhlan an nih.
Liensangvung Award 2016 dawngtuhai: Isak lalrinmawia(YLS) s/o Dr.George/Lalsangzeli of rengkai (83.33%)le H.Lydia Lalnunziri (YLS) d/o Er.Vanlalhlun Hrangchal/Tuothangkim of Lamka (82.66%) an nih. (Input: Pasiama Darngawn)
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