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EFCI Kohran hotu hai sin chel dinghai siemfel

Thursday, June 23, 2016

/ Published by VIRTHLI
SHILLONG, June 23, 2016 | Virthli (ONP): President, Evangelical Free Church of India (EFCI), General Headquarters, Shillong chun EFCI kohran sunga hotu (a Executive Committee members) hai sin chel ding le mawphurna ding hai vawisun June 23, 2016 khan a siemfel tah. An nina (portfolios), an rawngbawlna ding thlur bik (departments) le an sin chel le mawphurna an lak bikna ding (responsibilities) hai chu a hnuoia suklang ang hin ning a tih. 1st July, 2016 a inthawkin anni hai hin tan an tih. Pathien ropuina dinga an sinhai an thaw le rawng an bawl thei sengna dingin ei Pathien kuoma ei tawngtainaa hai lo san ei tiu

 A. Rev. Lallienvel Pakhuongte, President:
1. General Administration
2. Establishment and Development Department (Relief, Community Care Ministry India, Building)
3. Any other departments not already assigned to others

B. Rev. Lalbiektluong, Vice President:
1. Evangelism Department (Pastoral Ministry, Child Evangelist, Camp, Retreat, Crusade, Revival)
2. Nuhmei Pawl (Women Department)
3. National Workers Sponsorship (under Estab. & Devt. Dept)

C. Rev. C. Kawldinglien Joute, Secretary:
1. Christian Education Department (Sunday School, Seminary, School, Seminar & Training)
2. Information and Publication Department
3. Statistics

D. Rev. John L. Thilsong, Secretary:
1. Finance and Accounts
2. Lalpa Ropuina
3. Khawnvar Magazine Subscription Fee Maintenance and Receipting

E. Rev. G.B. Niropui, Secretary:
1. Regional
2. Music
3. Kristien Thalai Pawl (Youth Department)

F. Rev. Simon L. Darngawn, Secretary:
1. Mission Department (Missionary / Mission Field)
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