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Regional Seminar-cum-Consultation on Hmar Dialect

Monday, May 2, 2016

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Imphal, May 02, 2016 (VIRTHLI): Hung tlung ding Tarik ni 14, May 2016 hin “One-Day Regional Seminar-cum-Consultation on Hmar Dialect” ti chu Tribal Research Institute, Imphal, Manipur ah huoihawt ning a tih. Hi seminar hi Hmar Literature Society (HLS) hnuoia Hmar Literary and Vernacular Committee, Imphal (HLVCI) le Hmar Students’ Association, Imphal Joint Headquarters leh inkawpa huoihawt ding a nih.

Hi seminar hi May 14, 2016 zing 9:30AM a tan ning ata, hi huna resource person ding le an thupui present ding hai chu a hnuoia ang hi a nih;
1. Pu Lalruoivel Pangamte : Hmar tawng hrietchiengna le hmathlirna (Understanding Hmar dialect and its prospects)
2. Pu Ramthienghlim Varte: Hmar tawng hmasawn Dan le thanglien pei dan ( Hmar language and its development through years)
3. Pi Zosangkim: Hmar tawng hmasawn Dan ding lampui: Hmalakpei Dan ding (Development of Hmar dialect:The road ahead)
4. Pu James Songrolal Songate: Hla Thu le tawng hmang pangngai: A hmang Dan le hun (Poetic and common language: Contextual usage)
5. Prof. Laldena : Hmar tawng hmang le ziek dan (Spoken and written Hmar dialect)
6. Nk. Lalhlimum: Tawng hi hnam a Ni? ( Is a tribe defined solely by its dialect?)

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