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Saturday, December 5, 2015

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Vawisun hi Hmar nau hmun dang danga cheng haiin Sikpui Ruoi ei inser ding le inzawmin Sikpui Ruoi Flag Rev.Dr. Hrilrokhum Thiek in alo design chu a umzie hai leh hung insuo a nih.

Assam a District pahni - Karbi Anglong le North Cachar Hills haia chu Kumtin 5th December hin Sikpui Ruoi inser hlak a nia, 5th December hi local public holiday a puong ani nghe nghe a nih. Hienga Assam-a District pahni haia Sikpui Ruoi hi local festival pakhat vea pawm ani tak leiin Sikpui Ruoi Flag nei tha ti niin Committee indin a nia, Committee chun Rev. Dr. Hrilrokhum Thiek chu a siemtu dingin an dande a,a hnuoia Flag a design hi Committee chun pawmin Sikpui Ruoi Flag hmasatak chu December 1993 khan lo siem a nih. A siemtu (Design-tu) Rev.Dr. Hrilrokhum Thiek in a lekhabu ziek "History of the Hmars in North East India (with Special Reference to Assam)" tia Sikpui Ruoi Flag umzie a ziek chu hieng ang hi a nih;

The Symbols 
1. White Colour in the middle 
It symbolizes holiness and purity. In the past, Sikpui festival was celebrated in the beauty of purity of heart and mind. The Sikpui festival is re-instituted to perpetually proclaim this message. 

2. Red Colour at the bottom 
It symbolizes life and love. Life is in the blood of living creatures (Lev. 17:11). Human beings are of the same blood. God is love. Love is the fabric of human relationships. Sikpui Ruoi denounces enmity and shedding of innocent blood but proclaims the message of Life and Love. 

3. Green Colour 
It symbolizes 'going forth' to signify Progress. Sikpui Ruoi proclaims its wishes to everyone and all for uniform progress in all aspects of life. 

4. Blue Colour 
It symbolizes Prosperity and Development. Sikpui ruoi proclaims its wishes for God's Providence and holistic Development to the poor and needy, the down-trodden, the under-priviledged, the marginalized and to one and all. 

5. The Cross on the Bible 
Most of the Hmars have become Christians. The blessings they have received through the Preaching of the Word of God are unaccountable and inestimable. 

The Cross symbolizes Sacrifice and obedience. Sikpui Ruoi exalts Humility, Obedience and Sacrifice. The combination of these human qualities is the source of strength and power in any service of mankind. 

6. The Bundle of Sheaves 
The Bundle of Sheaves symbolizes God's manifold Blessings. Sikpui Ruoi proclaims the manifold blessings of God we have received and enjoyed, and reminds one and all to be thankful and cheerful and to offer up Thanks and Praises to the Almighty. 

7. Drums and Horns of Mithun (Biel) 
These are the main musical instruments in the celebration of Sikpui Festival. These instruments symbolize Merriment and the joyous celebration of Sikpui Festival. Mithun used to be the choice domestic animal. Damsels are addressed as Sieli. 

Note: Drum is the most important musical instrument of the backward and simple tribal people: 
a) It is used for a Clarion Call. 
b) It is the most important accompaniment of tribal singing. 
c) In the past, it was a very essential instrument of the Working Team (Lawm). 
Sikpui Lam (festival) has been a distinctive festival of the Hmar community and cannot be performed by the warlike communities. 

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