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ZORO in Manipur sawrkar dem, bill hai sut dingin ngen

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

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Aizawl, 2 Sept, 2015 (Virthli News): Zo-Reunification Oganisation (ZORO) chun thusuok siemin tulai hnaia Manipur sawrkarin State Assembly special session ah Zo hnathlak le tribal danghai chanvo lakpek thei ding bills a pawm (passed) chu pawi a ti thu le hi chuchanga hin Manipur sawrkar a dem hle thu a hril.

September ni 2, 2015 a ZORO Gen. Hqrs. Executive Emergency Meeting
in resolution a siem a chun, August ni 31 a Manipur State Assembly Special Session-in 'The Manipur Land Revenue & Land Reforms Act' a passed el ta khan Zo hnathlak hai a barakhai hle a. 'The Manipur Land Revenue & Land Reforms Act' hin Manipur sunga Indigenous peoples (tribal) hai chanvo lakpek/inchuthlakpek tumna a ni leiin a pawi hle a, chuleiin Manipur sawrkar hin bill hi an rang thei anga sut nawk dingin kan ngen a nih, tiin ZORO chun an resolution ah an tarlang.
UN Declaration on the Rights of the Indigenous People Article 26, 1&2 bawsietna a ni leiin hi bill hi sut ngei dingin Manipur sawrkar kan ngen bawk a nih ti ZORO chun a tarlang.
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