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Joint Action Committee indin a nih

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

/ Posted by Unknown
CCpur, 02, August, 2015: Vawisun khan hnam tin Kuki Khanglai Lompi (KKL) Complex, Churachandpur ah tulai buoina le inzawmin inkhawm nei a ni a, hi huna hin Joint Action Committee indin ani a, a hnuoia ang hin JAC chu indin a nih.

1) Chief Convenor: H Mangchinkhup
2) Co-Convenor: Lianzalal, Mangcha Thangjom, Kamthang Haokip, ZMA, HWA, KWU, MPC (WW), KWOHR
3) Secretary: Lalkhohao Chongloi
4) Asst. Secy: Paul Lalchanhima, Francis Songate
5) Finance Secy: Vanlallian, President, ZSF
6)Treasurer: Lalkhohao Haokip
7) Hospitality: Jt JPO
8) Transport in-charge: Richard Laltanpuia, President HSA CCpur
9) Spokespersons: Pi JL Sawmi le Ngaineihkim
10) Secy. Information and Publicity: Paukhanthang, Sasang Vaiphei le Zaua

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