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Press Release by Chief Minister of Manipur

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Government of Manipur
CM Secretariat: Imphal

PRESS RELEASE, Imphal 7th September 2015

It is very unfortunate that the people of Manipur, especially those living in the tribal areas has been misinformed eading to untoward incidences causing loss of lives and property after passing of the 3(three) Bills.

This is to clarify that the MLR and LR (7th Amendment) Bill, 2015 was passed in order to regulate the purchase and sale of land to Non Manipur Persons under the MLR and LR Act existing within its own jurisdiction. The public especially in the hill areas has been misinformed by a misunderstanding that MLR & LR Act is being enforced in the tribal areas. These Bills do not affect the tribal areas of Manipur rather it is intended to introduce a mechanism for purchase and sale of land by and to the Non Manipur Persons under MLR & LR Act where it has been enforced.

The proposed insertion of the section 14A by the Amendment bill is that in the event of any compelling circumstances whereby if any Non Manipur person, firms or any other entity or any Govt, Institution etc intend to purchase the land in Manipur, he shall submit his application in the prescribed form to the Deputy Commissioner of the District concerned and the Deputy Commissioner shall solicit recommendation from Local Body/Local Self Government and submit the application along with the report such inquiry to the Government. The State Government shall process the matter for the approval of the Cabinet. This is just a regulatory mechanism to be implemented as and when the need arises.

All the insertions/amendments will take place only in the areas where the MLR and LR Act are already enforced and will in no case affect the tribal areas. It is true that this was not referred to the Hill Areas Committee because the matter is not a Scheduled Matter as laid down in the Second Schedule to the Manipur Legislative Assembly (Hill Areas Committee) order 1972 issued under Art 371-C and was not intended to be enforced in the Hill areas of Manipur. Further the Protection of Manipur People Bill is a money bill, hence not required to refer to Hill Area Committee. The detailed clarification on the three bills in annexed.

It is appealed to all the people of Manipur especially in the hill areas to appreciate the provision thoroughly and not be misled by propaganda/rumors which will lead to loss of lived and destruction of properties, to keep calm and work together for peaceful co-existence in the State.
The government further appeals to all stakeholders that the State Government is open to suggestion from all sides for any deletion/amendment/insertion/modification of any provision in the Bills and ensure that the rights of all is protected.

(N Ashok Kumar)
Secretary to Chief Minister,
Govt. Of Manipur.

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