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RPC NEI KTP Phairam District Annual Games & Sports 2015

Thursday, May 21, 2015

/ Posted by VIRTHLI HMAR
Tuithaphai: RPC NEI KTP, Phairam District chun May 22 – 23, 2015 inkar sung hin Saikot Playground hmun ah Annual Games & Sports 2015 nei an tih. Opening Ceremony May 22 zing dar 10 AM hin nei ning a ta, Hi hun a hin Chief Guest Pu Lalramsang Infimate ADC, Bishnupur Dist. le Guest of Honour Rev. Saithanglur Joute Chairman, KTP Standing Committee, Phairam Dist., hai ning an tih. Closing Ceremony May 23 zantieng dar 3:30 PM in Saikot Playground Pavillion hmun a nei ni nawk a ta. Chu hun a chun Chief Guest Rev. (Dr.) Vanlalnghakthang Gen. Secy., RPC NEI le Guest of Honour Rev. Jacob L. Hmar Youth Co-Ordinator, RPC NEI hai ning an tih. Sun hun a hai inkhelna chi tum tum huoihawt ning a ta. May 23, 2015 zingkar Marathon Race Saidan a inthawk Pasalhai le Lamka RPC Biekin a inthawk Nuhmeihaiin intanin Saikot chen tlan an tih. Chun, Zan hun a hai Saikot RPC Biekin ah hun hmang ni hlak a ta. May 21 zan Talent Hunt le May 22 zan CKTP Conference a Lawmman  1st  (Pakhatna) Hlapawlpui a KTP Phairam Dist.-in an lak Lawmna le Talent Hunt Lawmman  semna um a ta, Resource Person a thangin Ms. Margaret, Advocate in Legal Awareness tieng awnin inhrilhrietna hun hmangpui bawk a tih. May 23 zan RIMAWI 2014 Result Puongna le Annual G&S Lawmman chi tum tum hai semna um a tih. Hi huna thang ve ding hin Games & Sports Organising Committee 2015 chun ngaina takin mitin an fiel.

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