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Hmar FC in a vawihni na dingin Tamchon Trophy an lak

Sunday, November 30, 2014

/ Published by VIRTHLI
New Delhi, 29 Nov.,2014: 8th North East Tamchon Memorial Football Tournament Final Match chu zantieng khan Ambedkar Stadium, New Delhi hmuna Hmar FC le SSPP FC ha'n inhne tawk takin an inkhel a, hi final match a hin inkhel hun pangngaiah 1-1 a in draw in, hun belsa (Extra Time) nawk ah an lan draw nawk rawp leiin Penalty shoot an thaw ta a nih. Penalty shoot a hin Hmar FC chun an khingpui SSPP FC chu 7-6 in penalty ah an hne a nih. Hmar FC hin hrattak nina a vawihnina dingin nopui le Rs. 5 lakhs an dawng a nih. Best Defender le Best Player of the Tournament chu Hmar FC player Davd L Hmar (defender) le Ngurneilal Ngurte (Striker) hai inhlan an ni bawk a nih.

Photographs contributed by Dannies Buhril

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