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Interview with Esther Laltankim Serto

Thursday, August 28, 2014

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Nk. Esther Laltankim Serto - nunghak fel tak le lekhatiem thei tak el kumkhat sunga UPSC huoihawtna hnuoia exam pahni tling thei ngat a nih. January thla khan UPSC huoihawt Indian Forest Service (IFS) hnesaw takin an ziek tlinga, All India Rank 62 na a ni nghe nghe a nih. June thla khan UPSC huoihawt bawk Civil Services Exam a tling nawk a nih. 

VT = Virthli
ELS = Esther Laltankim Serto

VT: Lawmpuina Chibai! Hlawtlingna i changna thua hohlimpui che kan nuom a, hun mi pe thei la kan nuom ngawt el.
ELS: Ka lawm  ie. Kei khawm Chibai!
Thei e a. In mi hohlimpui nuom chu ka lawm ngawt el.

VT: Thildang dang ei hril hma in a hmasa tak'n i Bio-Diota imi hril thei ding?
ELS: Hming- Esther Laltankim
         Pa Hming- Waihmuchung Serto
         Nu Hming- Lalrohnieng
         Unauhai Hming- Williamson Serto le  Roslynn
         Veng- Lamphel, Imphal
         Tuta khawsakna hmun- Mahipalpur, Delhi
          Inchukna tieng chu;
         Class X- Little Flower School, Imphal, BSEM, 1st Division
         Class XII- RKSD Vidyalaya, Imphal, CBSE, 1st Division
         Graduation- Delhi University, 1st Division

VT: IFS le Civil Service exam i tling ve ve ta a, tuhin sin pahni in a nghak zing bawk che a, i lung a lutna lem imi hril thei ding? Tuta Civil Service exam i tling kha ieng sin am i hmu in beisei a?
ELS: Ka lung chu a lut ve ve a amiruokchu IFS hi Manipur Cadre DoPT han an mi pek thei ding ani chun tha ka tih.  IP&TAFS ( Indian Post and Telecommunication Accounts and Finance Service) an mi pek.

VT: Civil Services exam hi pek sunzawm pei i la tum am?
ELS:  La pek sunzawm pei chu ka hang tum phawt chu ana.

VT: IFS le Civil Service exam a ding hin a hran ve ve a in prepare i ni? in prepare dan a tlangpui imi hril thei ding am?
ELS:  A hran lieua in preparena ka nei chuong nawh. Asanchu, Civil Service a ka optional subject Mathematics hi IFS a khawm optional a hmang thei nghal ani a, chubaka  ka second optional Forestry hi chu kan hnik ve tho a a nih.
Mathematics a hin chu coordination of mind and hands a tul a, chuleichun tiem nek hmanin chawk zawngin ka thaw a, Forestry hi chu notes le synopses hai ka siem hlak a. GS a dingin newspaper pahni (The Hindu le Indian Express) tiemin  All India Radio ka ngai hlak. Chu hai khela internet hmangin news pawimaw hai research ka thaw hlak bawk.

VT: Civil Service a i subject thlang hai? Prelims le Main a dinga lekhabu i hmang/tiem bik deu hai hming le ziektu imi hril thei ding am?
ELS: Civil Service a ka optional thlang chu Mathematics a nih. Tulai chu Prelims le Mains hi integrated deu met a in prepare a ngai ta a. Anachu prelims tawma Civil Service Chronicle le Wizard Special issues hai hi update na dingin ka en hlak. GS a dingin basic books (eg. NCERT books, Bipan Chandra ziek India’s Struggle for Independence, DD Basu ziek Introduction to the Constitution of India, Spectrum Culture, etc.), India Year Book le Economic Survey ka tiem hlak bawk. Newspaper pahni ka tiem hlaka (The Hindu le The Indian Express) chun weekly magazine Economic and  Political Weekly, monthly magazine Yojana leh. Hi hai khela All India Radio le BBC news ka ngai hlak bawk. Chun optional a dingin graduation ka thaw laia ka notes le books hai upgrade a áš­ul na naa thawin ka tiem hlak.

VT: Civil Service hi iengtik hun vela inthawka i lo beisei tan am ana?
ELS: Ka chin laia inthawkin Civil Service tling hai hi ka lo ngaisang thei em em hlak. Amiruokchu anni angin ka exam phak ve ding khawmin ka lo in ring ngai nawh. Graduation ka zo hnung khan ka suong haiin in prepare dingin an mi ti a. Chutaka inthawk chun ka hang in prepare-a a umzie taktak ka hung hriet khan ka hung inhnik tan ta a nih.

VT: UPSC a ding hin Coaching i lak ve am? Tulai hin coaching hi makmawa ngaina a um ta a, coaching hin iengchen am hlawtlingna lampuia mi a thangpui thei a?
ELS: Aw, ka lo lak ve. Coaching hi lak thei chun lampui mi kawk hmu tu ana, chun midang dang hai thang lakna ei hmu hin phurna a mi pek. Anachu coaching a chau in depend thei a ni nawh. Chu nek hman in  group discussion hai hin ei hriet hai in share tuo a debate dam ei thaw thlang dap dap hin ei hriet rawn lem el khela ei hriet hai hi a det sawt lem niin ka hriet.

VT: Nikhat ah darkar iengzam lekha tiemna hun a i hmang hlak?
ELS: Lekha ka tiem hin a quantity nekin quality ka ngai pawimaw lem hlak a chuleichun darkar hi a situation i zirin an ang ngai naw a. Darkar 4-10 chen hun sung vel hi a ni tlangpui.

VT: IFS le Civil Service interview na-a hai khan iengang Question am an indawn che a? A rengin a ni naw khawma iemanizat bek imi hril thei ding? Saptawng khawm'n a pawi nawh.
ELS: IFS a questions a then hai chu-
What is the relation between tribals and forest? What are the three main aims of the National Forest Policy of 1988? Name the person who hoisted the Indian national flag in Moirang during the INA War? What is the application of Fibonacci Series? Which type of Sudoku do you play? Who was the prominent principal from Hans Raj College who wrote a book on Mathematics and why was his book significant? Whom do you blame between the government and the forest dwellers for inadequate delivery of services? What are the two main problems related with forest in Churachandpur and what can you do to mitigate them?

Civil Service a questions a then hai chu-
What are the main problems related with Rhinos? What have the government done for the disabled in India? Name at least two south Indian Freedom fighters? What course of action should government take on fertilizer subsidies? What is economic security in terms of fuel? Tell me the chemical formula for the formation of hydrogen fuel. Among the northeastern states why is it that Manipur has the worst reputation? If you are a DM what can you do to improve administration in the place where you are posted? If you were selected but got posted in a very remote village in Haryana and you found that your subordinates do not follow your orders what course of action would you take up?
In each of the interview I was asked around 25-30 questions both factual and situational ones.

VT: IFS le Civil Service interview a hai khan hun ieng chem am a aw?
ELS: Darkar chen ve lai vel ani ve ve.

VT: UPSC tlingna ding hin iem a pawimaw tak a i ngai? Sum le pai bo chun a tling an tak an ti hi iem i ngaidan?
ELS: Hard work and Smart study. An dik na chin a um asanchu lekhabu tiem ding hai a tam a inchawk a tul bawk si, newspaper hai le monthly magazines hai khawm inchawk a tul vawnga, internet hmanga tiem ding khawmin a man a um vawng bawk. Hieng hai hi mi dang ta, ei tul hun tak le ei nuom ang anga inchawk loa hmang vawng dan a um bawk si nawh. Amiruokchu, sum le pai bo khawm ni sienla “where there is a will, there is a way”.

VT: Hlawtlingna a Vangneina ei ti hi thil um thei i ring am?
ELS: Hlawtlingnaa vangneina hi thil um thei a lo ni el thei, kei ruok chun ka ring bek nawh.

VT: I hlawtlinga thuruk i mi hril thei ding?
ELS: Hi question hi answer na dingin Pathien thu pakhat ka tarlang nuoma. Psalm no. 127 verse 1 na hih.

VT: Ei hnam ngirhmun i hmudan tawite imi hril thei ding? Ei hnam in a mamaw tak a i ngai iem ning a ta?
ELS: Ei hnam ngirhmun hi ei umna i zirin tlangram le khawpui ngirhmun hai hi a dang dang niin ka hriet. Hnam changkang le ropui pawl ei ni lai zingin depdena nasatakin ami la tuom tlat niin ka hriet. Hi depdena a inthawka suok dawk hi ei hnam in a mamaw tak niin ka hriet.

VT: Nuhmei pasal tieng pang hang hril kai zau inla, pasal hi teh nei nuomna lungril dam i nei ta am? I lo nei ding ni tang ang sienla Hmar tlangval ngei i ti ve naw ding?
ELS: Pasal nei tieng pang hi chu ka la ngaituo hman naw a ni ie. A mi dit an um phawt chun Why not!

VT: Khawvel i phursuok incheina le technology a bikin Internet-website, facebook chungchang ah i ngaidan iem a ni a?
ELS: Khawvel i phursuok thil reng reng chu pros and cons an nei senga. Chuleiin, mani senga ei lo accept dan le ei phursuok dana an nghat niin ka hriet.

VT: Tiemtuhai a bikin inchuklai hai kuoma incha nuom dam i nei am?
ELS: Psalm ziektu in a lo hril angin “I um dan ding chu Lalpa chunga innghat la, ama chu ring la, ama in thaw vawng a tih”.

VT: Lawm a um! I hun hlutak el imi peka i chunga kan lawm takzet, hmatieng peia khawm hlawtlingna tha lem hai le sinthawna kawng iengkima Pathien'n thuoin mawlsawmna tamtak dawng sunzawm pei ding'n kan ditsakna insangtkak kan inhlan che.
ELS: Kei khawm ka lawm tak zet. Thank you!
Long Live VIRTHLI!

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