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Hmar Martyr's Badminton Championship 2014 Fixtures

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
CCpur, May 14, 2014: Sinlung Badminton Association (SBA) huoihawtna hnuoi-a “Hmar Martyrs Badminton Championship” May 12 a inthawka Muolvaiphei Community Hall a lo nei tan ta chu vawisun zantieng 4 hin Semi Final le Second Round chu a hnuoia ang hin nei ning a tih.

Under 15 Boys Semi Final Fixture
1. Ginlalmuon Buhril Vs. Denis Joute
2. Paul Pakhuongte (through to final through lot)

Men's Veteran Semi-Final Fixture
1. Upa. Lalchelzing Joute Vs. Rev. Immanuel Lalthlenglien Darngawn
2. Lalhmunhlun Fimate Vs. Lalrobul Fimate MCS.

Men's Open Single Second Round Fixture.
1. Ruotte Parate Vs. Athang Keivom
2. Magnus Zote Vs. David Faiheng
3. Jose Tusing Vs. Suresh Kr
4. Kevin Fimrolung Finate Vs. Josh Varte
5. Ngaia Hmar Vs. Hawnga Pangamte

Men's Double second round Fixture ruok chu siemzo ala ni naw nih.
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