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Jacob thina thu le District Hospital khar thua CDSU Press Release

Saturday, May 26, 2012

/ Published by Simon L Infimate


In connection with the death of Mr. Jacob Malsawmlien, a 17 years old student, reading Class XII in Vision Academy, Rengkai Road; the CDSU, KSO, ZSF &the Joint Philanthropic Organisations held a meeting on the morning of 25th May 2012, and express deep regrets at the halfhearted manner in which the Police Department is dealing with the sensitive case. All circumstantial evidence points very much to the person that has been delivered into their custody by the social organizations. Even the Police choose to drag their feet over the matter; this is truly unfortunate and smacks of nepotism on the part of the Police Department. All corroborating & circumstantial evidence points very much to the person in question; but still the Police choose to officially label the perpetrator only as a mere “Suspect”, and not even as an “Accused”; far off from being the CULPRIT of this ghastly crime. In these contexts, one cannot help but infer that the Police Department is deliberately trying to cover up all evidences and protect the Guilty by any means possible.

In the same vein, the CDSU also finds the attitude of the Doctors & Staffs who were on duty on that fateful night of 21/5/2012, truly unacceptable. If only timely medical help had been given; without subjecting the victim to the ‘merry-go-round of red-tapism”, one precious life could have been saved. It is the demand of the CDSU that befitting actions should be taken upon these Doctors & Staffs for Negligence of Duty.  The CDSU (in consultation with KSO, ZSF & the Joint Philanthropic Organisations) had also sealed off the Office of the Medical Superintendent, District Civil Hospital from 25/5/2012, to show our discontentment at the shabby manner in which emergency patients are being treated in the Civil Hospital; and also for the failure of the Hospital Administration in recovering vital CT-Scan parts till date.

The CDSU had submitted a memorandum on the 21/5/2012 to the Chief Minister, through the Deputy Commissioner of Churachandpur District. In which it was clearly stated that if there is no Positive Developments in the case of Mr. Jacob Malsawmlien within the fixed period of 22nd to 24th may 2012, the CDSU will resort to whatever measure it deemed fit & suitable.

With no encouraging developments within the stipulated time-frame, the CDSU (in consultation with KSO, ZSF & Joint Philanthropic Organisations) is compelled to call an Indefinite Bandh/General Strike from the 28/5/2012, onwards. Only Press/Media, Medical, Water-Supply & Fire Department will be exempted from the purview of the General Strike. We humbly request the public to co-operate with us as we diligently seek to “Let the Truth Prevail” in the fatal stabbing case of Mr. Jacob Malsawmlien.


For the CDSU,





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