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HPC-D decries

Saturday, May 5, 2012

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
 Imphal, May 4: Hmar People's Convention (D)- HPC-D has come out strongly against the continued attempt of the expelled H Zosangbera party and a section of the Indian para-military force to misguide and deceive the general public with their lies of fabrication and deceit.

In a statement, Secretary of Information and Publicity of the HPC-D Jackie Hmar reiterated that there is no HPC (P) and only legitimate HPC-D is founded and headed by Lalhmingthang Sanate.

~Hueiyen News Service

HPC (D) refutes

Imphal, May 04 2012: The underground Hmar People's Convention (D) has refuted having any connection with Lalrochan and Lamminthang Gangte, who were arrested by the security forces.

A statement issued by the information and publicity secretary of HPC (D) Jackie Hmar said the two had already been discharged from active duty and were no longer associated with the HPC (D) .

Stating that the weapons reported to be seized from their possession was nothing but a deception, the statement further asserted that it could be easily deduced that the Indian security forces planted the weapons on Lalrochan and Lamminthang to make the arrest legitimate.

The statement further clarified that there is no HPC (P) but only a legitimate HPC (D) founded and headed by Lalhmingthang Sanate while adding that the other group laying claim to the organisation is the group headed by the expelled H Zosangbera.

Source: The Sangai Express

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