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Father forced son to have sex with step-mom in Mizoram

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
Aizawl , July 17 : In a bizarre incident, a 15 year old boy was forced to have sex with his step mother by his father in Mizoram. Police sources said that Lalrinfela (38) had forced his son who is only 15 years old to have sex with his (Lalrinfela) wife.
The incident took place at the resident of Lalrinfela in Zemabawk on July 10, about 5 kms from Aizawl, police said. The names of the boy and his step-mother have not been disclosed.
The sources said Lalrinfela had forcibly unclothed his wife and forced his 15 year old son to have sex with her. As his son refused to do so, he convinced his son saying that this is the way a son should treat his mother and later his son had sex with his step-mother. Not enough in doing so, Lalrinfela again had sex with his wife that too infront of his son, police added.
It is to be mentioned that when his son refused to obey, Lalrinfela had warned him of dire consequence if he didn’t have sex with his wife. It was after this incident, the heinous culprit Lalrinfela was arrested by the police. The woman had first complaint regarding the crime to the local village chief and later on it was reported to the police.
Lalrinfela is in jail for immoral treatment to his wife and the boy was sent to Remand Home-children home in Aizawl as he is under age. As per the local people, Lalrinfela used to torture his wife very badly. It is also believed that his first wife had died due to torture and inhumane treatment by this man.

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