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HSA Shillong Presidential Address

Sunday, September 12, 2010

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
Immanuel Z. Varte
Presidential address delivered by Mr. Immanuel Zarzosang Varte, President, HSA Jt. Hqrs.,Shillong
The 53rd Annual Freshers’ Social cum 100 years of Modern Education Among the Hmars celebration, 11th September 2010, Shillong.

Ei hnam hih mitamtak chun mi hnung ei hnawt an lo ti hlaka, kei chun ka ti nuom thak nawh. Mi hnung ei hnawt nilem loin mi ei phaknawna hai a um zeu zeu lem cho anih. Chanchintha le Education lei choin Hnam dang hai khawmin an mi phak nawna tamtak a um ti hrieng ei tiu. Amiruokchu, chuonganga Chanchintha le education leia ei Changkang le phak hlat tak ruol ruolin, ei chauna hai le in la baksam hai hih hre zingin insiemthat sau sau le hmasawn tum ei tiu. Entirna’n, Hmar mipui pungkhawm reng renga ei baksam tak chu discipline anih. Um tawk tawk, harfim deu, programme tawp chen thang, hun hmangdik ti hai dam hi anih ei hmasawn tumna ding chu. Chuongang bawkin inchukna tiengpang khawm hih tumru na le mi neka danglam, titakna le thiem tumna hai dam hi ngaipawimaw a tul hle. Miin IAS a tha ti lei ringawta, mani mizie, capacity, ability or interest leh an balance am ti ngaituo se se loa IAS ni tum ve ringawt hai dam hi ban a hun tah. Chuong nekin, mani le mani in enin, ei thilthaw nuom, ni nuom hai hi fimkhur taka tlang in hmu ding ngeia thaw ding anih. I thilthaw tum kha miin ienga ngai rak naw hai sien, inhnik pui rak naw hai sien, anchuk tam bek naw hai sienkhawm, inhnikna le I kut fe na zawnga I ngai ani chun kha kha baw chawt lem rawh. Insir naw ti nih. Everything can be made into a career. As often said in love, even in career, follow your heart for it is the heart that tells you the secrets of life. Learn to listen to the language of the heart and it will lead you to where you want to go for it is through the heart and in the language of the heart that God speaks to you and the Holy Spirit guides you.

HSA hih Shillonga students hai tadinga Shillong a um anih. In tulna na a iengtiklai khawmin hotu hai keihruoina hnuoiah a thei phawt ani chun thangpui cheu an huom zing. Chuonglai zing chun hi organisation hih a nuom phawt chun ti um deua um thei anih ti khawm hrieng ei tiu, a bik takin a hnuoia students hai chunga. You are now part our responsibility and we will go to any lengths to carry out that responsibility to which we have taken an oath in solemnity. All of us have a responsibility to carry out- For the HSA leaders and its members, to build a healthy society through holistic education. In this sense, we all are equally responsible to each other. We all need each other and everyone needs somebody. Let us work in unity, tolerance, perseverance, sincerity and integrity. If you want to be a leader of men, first learn to be a servant of men. If you want to be successful, learn and be willing to learn from yours and others. If you want to be respected, first learn to respect others- from the lowest to the highest, from the smallest to the biggest. No matter how strong, rich or powerful you may be, there will surely come a time when you fear to be left along and needs the help and company of others. Learn to help, assist, and support and be there for others when they need you and you will never be sort of the help and company of others. This is what education was meant for. Everything is not all about algebra, calculus, chemicals, or Albert Einstein’s relativity theory- E=MC2. It also invariably includes those so- called unprofitable or harmful social activities but which, in reality, also teach you on how to appreciate the values of human society, interactions, on the importance of being social and on how to peacefully co-exist with others, the world and everything in it. It brings to you and teaches you the values of what you are, from where you are and what you will always be. So, just learn to economise your time and you will or can have the best of education and the HSA will always be there to for you by deeds, by words, by help and by leading you all the way to serve God, the nation and humanity.
May HSA continue to be a beacon for others and May God blesses us all in our endeavours.

                                                                               (IMMANUEL ZARZOSANG VARTE)
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