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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

/ Published by VIRTHLI

"Our job is to be an awake people...utterly conscious, to attend to our world."

-Louis Owens

Nearer it draws, The Day of Reckoning! And strange things happen in the strange world of Politics. The upbeat moods, the jingle all the way, the great scheming and plots, the Judas, the diehard, the contest, the victor..... And so you may sum up. But what could be stranger though than the strange happening in the strange world of Politics? That would without a doubt be a leader not possessing the sound wisdom so as to be able to identify a safe boat for his people when the tides are high and the land submerged underneath the crashing tides. And that without a doubt be beyond strange. Tragic indeed! We would all be drowned alongside the foolishness of the leader and be carried away by the retreating tides, our soulless body munched away by creatures of the sea. Well, I'm certainly glad that such Tragic is not about to happen for now.

And this is not about glorifying a person's deed. But a matter of fact larger than our life itself. Dr. Chaltonlien Amo's decision did shook me almost beyond the boundary of bewilderment. I'm as well a loyalist to the secular ideology of the INC. But then again, neither did i find the whole saga so strange. My mind and thoughts are unsettled though, to see a volley of comments rained down upon the person without trying to understand the reason for any part of it. What could have made a man traded his platform of experiences and sacrifices for all those gone years? The answer is best given by Dr Chaltonlien Amo who had been sitting in the Assembly Hall, sans POWER, raising and voicing our concern, safeguarding and protecting our political interests and boundaries for four long years.... A daunting task!!  There is no other land that we can called it our own apart from the land that we are blessed with, HMARRAM. To safeguard and tend to its welfare and that is our duty larger than our life. A fair trade indeed! And for the doubting hearts, I need not justify a man's action, but this surely I can, to try and understand the fine reason for it.

And in the end, all that matters are the good lessons learnt out of it. It is a calculating world and we are living in a system where RIGHT and WRONG are defined and delivered not by our personal whimp and delight but as written in accordance with the book. How well we blend in with the system will determine the end. And that reality we bought upon ourselves will determine the reality of our existence then. Is there any possibility for us all to have a secure future by walking in the road that we all have chosen? How are we faring in this complex political entanglement with the system? The answer out of it will narrate the reality of our existence. And a better days will not be lived or seen going at the pace of our self enlightened truth. But the truth is, if there is going to be any possibility of safeguarding and protecting our interest within this complex system and that would be sacrificing our personal wants for the greater good of us all. The moment reality calls and demand for it!   And is there another way around? I do pray that one fine day, personal wants and desire takes the backseat ride and what we are take the fore. I vouch then, our land will heal and our identity will live to see a brighter days.

In the system and the games we people play, we can be without thorns for the neighbours and most of all upon ourselves, but still rise to a greater height of hope. Let us all once again give a greater strength to what we are so that our light shines for all to see and our light be a beacon of hope for every ailing souls. And what we are is a design from the Creator before the dawn of time. To walk toward a greener pastures is a possibility. And surely, it is! It only require that sacrifices from us all. Can we? The answer and that is where we all are heading toward. God bless!

Daniel Tryte 

18th January, 2022

Muolhlum, Rengkai

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