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Saturday, June 27, 2020

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
~ Thangsanglor Infimate

As the true spirit of leadership is missing, the nation is heading towards a nemesis. Today, our nation, India is a ship without a rudder. Its leadership has failed drastically to the brink. Leadership is the need of the hour to sail the ship ashore. If our nation has none, and it does, then let us be ready to face the gravest consequences, compounded by the latest hike in fuel prices. The term 'leadership' is hard to find in the present ruling dispensation. Our leaders at the core, who instead of mending ways are busy pelting stones at those living in the Glass House. China, for our leaders is invincible! "It's a utopian dream to challenge China", is what they say. So, sanity lies in not experimenting out what former Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi did then, leading the Army jawans in the war front at the Galwan Valley (or Leh as debated now. Here, it's not the place but the face value that counts) India-China Standoff, back in history. 'Surrender!' has been the state of art instead. 20 precious lives or more, plus, surrender sounds absurd and abstract.

Bypassing war, what those in the governance, at the most, could do is ban all Chinese products or vandalise and ransack shops selling Chinese goods or crucify on trees shopkeepers involved as viralled, for the sack of garnering patriotism at least, a good catalyst for electoral polls ahead. Banning of all Chinese products from Indian soil would be a herculian task, as most of our household goods are 'Made in China', starting from our undergarments to latest mobiles and other top gadgets. It is said, " If we are to ban all Chinese handsets then we would be compelled to switch back on to the landlines". That's true as it sounds. But it's easier said than done of freeing India from the clutches of Chinese made goods, which practically floods almost the whole of Indian market. Economically, India benefits the most from Chinese goods as they are cheap and are in commensuration with the needs of the poor Indian populace. A clarion call 'to end Chinese Maal' would be a futile call unless the State comes up with some alternatives to replace the 'Made in China' goods with 'Made in India' goods, keeping in mind the budget of the Indian purse. And this could be another poll plank, if at all.

Let our leadership think twice always before it embarks on any mission. It's daredevilish to leap on without assessing the pros and cons. The worst debacles and glaring examples have been demonetisation, the CAB and the likes. And the recent exodus of the migrants has been a tumultous one, resulting into a death blow on the migrant workers as well as on the Indian economy. But, it did throw light into the stark reality of the least equipped Indian health care system. Sometimes, our lacklustre leadership do turn out to be a bonanza, as a panacea for many of India's maladies. We, as a nation of diversities needs to look before we leap any hurdle as we are still developing. So, 'the China thing' now which is in vogue need to be dealt with tactically and this requires a steadfast and farsighted leadership. As of now, the best tincture would be echoing of 'Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai' across the border. We have failed once again to strike the iron when it was hot. Our sluggard act defies our nation's preemptive strike policy. And this shows our lack of preparedness in the war front across the border, and in the health front too in regard to the Corona context, and the most vital being in the economic front in all avenues, which defines a nation's stance in international arena. To be candid, we still have long miles to go before we could sit down and say, "Mera Bharat Mahan!".

So, boycotting Chinese products would be a disaster, a failure in both ways. It would impact our economy to the hilt as our economy hangs on it. This is an eyewash again. I call it a poll plank this time too. What our nation need today is a change of gaurd at the core, a change of mindset in the core. A nation where the mind is without fear of what we eat or drink, of what we wear or swear by. A nation where the leaders are busy aggrandising wealth and fame at the cost of million destitutes dying from hunger, poverty and politiking would not prevail. Let it be a nation in the making, a self-reliant nation, a nation of pragmatic leaders, where men and women of all ages are free - free from orthodox beliefs or multiple of restrictions. Let it be a nation where those not related by blood are united, and not seperated by faith or colour. This is not an utopian dream nor an American dream that we have been dreaming of, but a practical state composed of practical and visionary leaders leading from the front.

Jai Hind!
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