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HPC (D) in Pu Vungzagin Valte chunga thusuok an suo

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
CCPur, May 27, 2020, Virthli (ONP): John L Hmar, Secretary  Information  &  Publicity, HPC (D) chun Pu Vungzagin Valte, MLA, Thanlon constituency chunga an lungawinaw thu a hnuoia ang hin thu an suo.

Even as the United Nations (UN) calls to cease hostility world wide to tackle Covid-19 effectively, unnecesarry team of Churachandpur Police and unknown armed forces of Mr. Vungzagin acted against the HPC (D) to fulfill the wishes of Vungzagin Valte, MLA, Thanlon constituency.

This is in violation of the SoO ground rules and favoritism played by Mr. Vungzagin, whose corruption was unearthed not long ago. The unwarranted search and raiding of members of the tripartite agreement who is also the member of the SoO signatories and the Chairman of HPC(D) at these circumstances is outright inhumane and a disregard to the SoO agreement that was signed and upheld from way before Mr. Vungzagin’s entry into politics.

While the whole of humanity is in peril with uncertainty, the Hmar people find it hard to accept why the Hmar areas of Mr. Vungzagin’s constituencies are given only partial crumbs of their entitled relief material and why the HPC (D) in lieu of the Hmar people in requesting the full entitlement is deceived, named, shamed, raided, arrested and facing persecution.

The HPC (D) will do whatever is necessary for the welfare of its people and will certainly not watch its people suffer from hunger due to the greed of a despicable MLA like Mr. Vungzagin Valte.

The Hmar peoples are not embarrassed for demanding their rightful entitlement nor accept humiliation by divisive propaganda of the greedy Mr. Vungzagin and it's cohorts.

Taking advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic to be biased against the Hmar people and acting against the HPC (D) is a low blow even for state functionaries.

The HPC (D) would like to request the Government of Manipur as well as the Government of India to look into the matter and monitor Mr. Vungzagin Valte and his activities, to avoid the Hmar peoples being cornered with no option left but to fight back for their survival.

Any Hmar in Manipur are also urged to be prepared for the Pandemic and the manmade calamity as our families in remote villages struggle to survive not basically of the pandemic but of bias and intentional sidelining and hunger caused by the concerned MLA.

John L Hmar
Information  &  Publicity

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