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Essential & Non-Essential Items Remain Unchecked

Friday, May 29, 2020

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
- Jr Amo

The Central government on March 24, 2020 issued a nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of the contagious virus. Since then Air, Land & Sea travels were put to a halt.

After the Coronavirus lockdown was enforced in the whole of India, the prices of essential and non-essential items have skyrocketed like never before. The Government officials; time and again had told the media that vehicles carrying essential commodities would freely move, but isn't the case as prices of commodities are surging drastically.

The price of 'essential' commodities, have been unchecked . Especially in my township, Churachandpur. Hawkers; bless them! Are charging as much as they can for what ever they can sell... Keep in mind that we always bargain.

Churachandpur district being the second largest and currently a developing district of Manipur; next to the Imphal Districts, the hard working people who migrated here have found difficult to find work in these times of crisis. And low wage workers, now are finding it much harder to get ends meet!

Vehicles ferrying essential commodities from the start of the lockdown continue their services. And thankfully, supply of deemed 'non-essential' items but in high demand, are available; by hook or by crook . Moreover, Lockdown 4.0 comes with the easing of several restrictions, and most of the economic activities are already activated in this remote place or district, whatever you want or may call it.

Reminiscing on to the last few years, people who are aware of these happenings and going ons will have had their knowledge on how market prices are manipulated even when there are stockpiles of items at godowns. Whenever there's a bandh or blockade called by some NGO or should I say some 'Self Help Group', prices of essential and non-essential items would skyrocket, remaining unchecked and thereby becoming 'normal rate'.

This has happened and it is still happening in 2020. It has already been more than 60 days (i.e. 2 months and counting) but prices are bullish and it is deeply worrying that it still remains unchecked!

There is no guarantee that people will afford to live on with these sky high prices; like we see everyday on our news channels, 'Who knows our future problem??? It might also become a humanitarian crisis too!!!'

It is the duty and responsibility of the competent authority to act swift and find what caused the rise in prices of these essential & non-essential commodities; and to initiate the checking and balancing of prices for the aforementioned commodities; if only, for the interest of the district's Citizens.

29th May, 2020
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