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What Next?|| The Pandemic and Miracle

Sunday, April 12, 2020

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Now that our 21 days lockdown is coming to a close, what will the Government's next move be? Nobody knows. "To extend or not to extend?" must be the question that haunts not only the PM and his cabinet, but the 1.3 billion Indians as well. Will the PM  again choose his favourite 9 PM to announce his next surgical strike? Your guess is as good as mine. But, I know one thing, the chest thumping PM of India plays a very faithful and obedient Hanuman for the potus. And I also know this, he claims to have some yoga skills. The video of him displaying his  yoga asanas has been in circulation. Few days back I came across this video, it  is an instruction to the faithful on how to beat the lockdown isolation. Oh! I wish yoga asanas can feed the hungry!

India is now in a  deep crisis and the government has to  make very difficult decisions. However,  there  is one thing which i can vouch for: If the lockdown continues for another fortnight as before, without careful planning to feed the 'poor,' which constitutes a little more than quarter of India's population, ie., 500 million, thousands, if not millions, will die of hunger.

So, which one is better? To die of hunger or to die of virus? I choose none. In order to avoid this tragedy, the government must put all the best brains of the country together,  plan it's next move very carefully, and executive it clinically. Then, we may have  a very slim chance of avoiding this tragedy. If not, death is staring at us. Diyas, chest thumping and yoga asanas won't help!

Arundhati Roy in her article "The Pandemic is a Portal" writes, "Which scientist or doctor is not secretly praying for a miracle?" Yes, I too am praying for a miracle because I believe in miracle. I know I am not alone. Millions believe in miracle. And tomorrow is the day that marks the greatest of all miracles. It's the day 'the crucified God,'Jesus Christ, my Lord and saviour rose from the bowels of the earth defeating sin an death. It's the day of resurrection. It's the day of victory. It's the day of hope. It's going to be a new day. Hallelujah!

Blessed Easter Sunday to All!
Thonawkna Pathienni Chibai!

Rev. Alan L Thiek
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