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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
~ Thangsanglor Infimate

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak and the Corona fear engulfing the globe many questions are being raised: who invented the virus or where did it come from? Besides, the global impact of the pandemic poses a fundamental question: is this the end of the world and the mark of a new beginning? Setting aside all these queries one thing is for sure, that is rise of China as an economic giant.

Well, as for its genesis COVID-19 is a Chinese Conspiracy. And as a Conspiracy it would die a Conspiracy or if deliberated would remain as the greatest Conspiracy ever, in the annals of the world history. Hypothetically, the COVID-19 Storm could be a watershed or a turning point, beginning of a new era. And if the premise is true there can be no return to the pre-Covid-19 era. However, what is more important today is the remedy and the steps needed to contain its rapid spread especially in a developing nation like India where millions are vulnerable. But the gravity of the situation holds that let alone the state, turning the state into an authoritarian state.

It is China's quest for supremacy in the world politics that has led to this Nemesis. In fact, what matters the most in international politics today is power and for that China would go any length to assert its supremacy. Politics knows no boundaries, rich or poor, young or old. What it only strives for is power. It is a game of power struggle. And in politics everything is fair but nations today dare not tread the arms way, which could be suicidal, as all major powers do have the nuclear. China’s challenge to US hegemony was prominent on many fronts before the Covid-19 outbreak. And the pandemic has accelerated this shift.

Rise of Authoritarianism

With COVID-19 Storm, China as the Red Dragon of the East is on the verge to dethrone its trade rival, the mighty US. She is fast reviving her economy when stock markets are collapsing in the West. China is certainly emerging as the Saviour already offering aid to Italy and other nations, reinforcing its credentials as a global leader. In fact, the Chinese virus has become a soft power to overtake its superpower rival, the US. Practically speaking, the COVID-19 outbreak gravitates towards a new world order with a shift in the centre of gravity of the balance of power towards China and Asia in general. With this shift, history would be repeated in the post COVID-19 Storm, with the US bloc on the one side and the Red (Chinese) bloc on the other.

An undeclared Cold war is brewing up now between the two main players the US, champion of democracy and China, defender of authoritarianism, with the outbreak of COVID-19 at its peak. And what is interesting to note at this juncture is the rise of authoritarianism or say the police state across the world, as China desires in order to strengthen its stance. And this trend towards centralised authoritarian rule is evident in countries such as India, Philippines and others. Some even are following China’s lead in attempting to weaponise the virus for political ends, as evident in India being championed by the ruling dispensation to woo the majority and invoke pseudo nationalism in their psyche. Besides, the police brutality in India sums up the plot. For the US-allied democracies who value open governance, civil rights and free speech, this is a worrying prospect.

All these developments are to the advantage of China whose aim is to emerge as the Saviour from this menace and be the lone Superpower of the world in the post COVID-19 Storm. To be candid, this invisible 'Biological Warfare' unleashed by China as against the US and the rest, sooner or later would bring back the horrors of the Cold War with the clash of democracy vs authoritarianism. Beyond this it would be the 'Clash of Civilizations' as championed by Samuel Huntington and eventually leading to the final war of 'ARMEGADDON'.

But all these will pass away.
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