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The 4th Rengkai Premier League 2019 Closing Ceremony hmang zo: MSC in LMFC 3-0 a hnein Champion an nih

Friday, December 27, 2019

/ Posted by Simon L Infimate
Rengkai, December 27, 2019, Virthli (ONP): Frienship Athletic Sporting Team ( FAST), Rengkai in " Rejuvenating Rengkhawpui Football" thupuia neia The 4th Rengkai Premier League 2019 a huoihawt chu December 23, 2019 khan Rengkai Playground ah Closing Ceremony nei niin Final Match inkhel a nih. Hi huna hin Chief Guest in Pu V. Hangkhanlian, Minister of Agriculture, Veterinary & Animal Husbandary hmang a ni a, Guest of Honour le Functional President in Pu T. Paukhanlian, Chairman, ADCC le Pu Francis Songate, General Secretary, Hmar Inpui an thang. Hi huna hin khuollien hai anthawk thuhril ngaithlak a ni a, Rengkai VA, Val Upa, HYA le HWA hai khawma thuhrilna hun an hmang ve.

Hun hmangna hi Nk. El Ramneivar le Pu Roland Lalhmasuon han an keithuoia, Rev. Lalsiemthar Joute in hun hawng tawngtaina a nei zoin Pu Meshak Joute, President, FAST in lawmlutna thucha a hril a, Pu David Zohmingthang, Secy., FAST in khuollien hai chawimawina thuziek inhlanna a nei zoin Pu Ramchunghnung, Fin., Secy., FAST in vote of thanks hrilna a nei a. Hi hunser hmang ani sung hin Artiste- Tv. James Hmar, Tv. Elvis Rochuoilo, Tlangmawikim Joute, Tv. Zawlkapthang( Pengpelep), Nk. Jennifer Nianglawmkim han hla in mipui an inawi.

Final Match ah Muolhlum Sporting Club (MSC) in  (L) Lalchuoilo Memorial Football Club (LMFC) goal 3-0 a hnein The 4th Rengkai Premiere League-a a hrattak nina changin Trophy le Sumfai ₹ 50,000/- inhlan an ni a, 1st Runner Up hai ₹25,000/- inhlan an ni bawk. Individual Prize ah Top Scorer- Buonthanglun (LMFC) le Man of The Match- Joseph Varte  (MSC) hai khawm lawmman inhlan an ni bawk.

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