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District Level Cooking Competition nei

Saturday, November 16, 2019

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
Rengkai, November 16, 2019, Virthli (ONP): Zonal Education Office, Pherzawl District huoihawtna hnuoiah November 16, 2019 dar 11:30 AM khan HSA Campus, Rengkai-ah District Level Cooking competition nei a nih. Hi huna hin Pherzawl District huop sunga School tum tum hieng - Tuolbung UPS, Taithu Jr. H/S, Sartuinek Jr. H/S, Parbung Hr. Secondary, Lungthulien Jr. H/S, Palkhuang UPS, Songtal H/S, Thanlon Hr. Secondary, Phaitong JBS le Leijangphai H/S a staff han hme chi hrang hrang suongin inruolsiekna an nei a. Hi hunser hi Pi Manmuanching, Deputy Commissioner, Pherzawl, Pu Derick L. Khawbung, SDO, Vangai le  Pu Simon L. Infimate, Vice- President, HSA GHQ hai khawma uop vein cooking competition a hin judge in an thang.

Hi inelnaa a pakhatna latu chu Zarneimawi of Parbung Hr. Secondary ani a, 2nd- Thachawng of Tuolbung UPS ,a pathumna chu Neihvung of Songtal H/S in a lak. Hi inruolsieknaa thang hai po hi consolation prize inhlan an ni a, Top 3 hai po hin State Level Cooking Competition nei a ni huna Pherzawl District aiawin an thang ding a nih.
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