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SHC election a dingin mi 43 in nomination thelût, scrutiny nei mek

Friday, October 11, 2019

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Aizawl, 11 October, 2019, Virthli (ONP):  November ni 5, 2019 a Sinlung Hills Council (SHC) inthlang ding le inzawmin candidate mi 43 laiin nomination paper an thelût thu, State Election Commission, Mizoram thuneituhai chun an hril.

State Election Commission Secretary Pi Teresy Vanlalhruaii hril danin Kolasib district huom sunga constituency pahni ah mi 7 in nomination an thelût a, Aizawl district huomsunga constituency 10 ah mi 36 in nomination an thelût thung a nih.

Aizawl district hin tu lai hnai a siemthar Saitual district a huomsa a nih.

State Election Commission in record a nei danin MNF in seat 7 ah nomination an thelût a, Congress in 6, BJP in 2, NPP in 2, HPC  in 1 le independent candidate mi 25 lai an um.

HPC hminga nomination pakhat hi Khawlian Constituency a mi a nih.

Hi lai zing hin MNF le HPC (pâwl pakhat lem) chun seat insem ṭhein biel 12 ah MNF in seat 7 an changa, HPC in seat 5 an chang thung. HPC candidate hai hi independent in an inchu ding a nih.

Nomination paper hai hi zantieng dar 3 a'nthawk khan enfel (scrutinise) mek an nia, dar 5 bawr vel a chu iengkim chieng thei ta dinga beisei a nih.

 Pi Teresy chun scrutiny hi nomination paper thelût tu hai popo in an paltlang a ring thu a hril bawk.

HPC hminga nomination inlang chungchang ah Court order in HPC party a phuor le phuor naw thu The Telegraph correspondent indawnna chu Pi Teresy chun court stay order iengkhawm an hmunaw  thu le an enzui ding thu a hril.

Election hi November ni 5, 2019 nei nîng a ta, hi ni la la, ballot box ha'n constituency headquarters tin an tlung pha leh vote tiem nghal nîng a tih.

Candidate inhnukdawk hun tawp chu October ni 14, 2019 a nih.
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