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HPC (D) Assam Region in hlawtlingna changhai an lawmpui

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

/ Posted by Simon L Infimate
Muolhoi, May 15, 2019, Virthli (ONP): HPC(D) Assam Region chun kum 2019 HSLC exam a hlawtlingna changhai an lawmpui thu a hnuoia ang hin an puong.


Dated: Ngaibantlang, the 15th May 2019

Assam rama Hmar inchuklaihai kum 2019 HSLC exam a hlawtlingna changhai popo HPC(D) Assam Region chun lawmpuina chibai a buk cheu. Mimal tin hlawtlingna hi hnam hlawtlingna a ni a, inchuklai hai hnam hming insuktha takzet a nih.

Hmatieng in inchukna dinga hai Lalpa Pathienin thangpuiin umpui sienla cheu. Ram le hnam ta dinga mi tangkai tak el le hnam sukmawitu ni pei dingin ditsakna insangtak kan inhlan cheu.

HPC(D) Assam region aiin,

HPC(D) Assam Region.

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