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HWA Pearl Jubilee Souvenir a Article ziek thei

Sunday, June 24, 2018

/ Posted by VIRTHLI
CCPur, June 24, 2018 | Virthli (ONP): Hmar Women Association (HWA) in hungtlung ding July 26, 2018-a a kum 30 tling a lawmna ding le inzawmin Pearl Jubilee Souvenir buotsai a tum a, Article ziek nuom hai chun nuhmei hai awn zawnga ziekin July 6, 2018 chen hard/soft copy- Mr. David Buhril Chairman, HWA Pearl Jubilee Souvenir Editorial Board kuoma hard/soft copy email: a peklut thei a nih. Chun, hi Souvenir hi ISBN Number nei le Bilingual (Hmar le English) a ziek thei dinga ti a nih. "Empowering Women: Empower the Nation" ti chu masthead/slogan a hmang ni bawk a tih. HWA Pearl Jubilee ṭhangpuina le lawmpuina malam a in advertise nuom dawr/company hai khawmin thaw thei ning a tih.
Chun, HWA Pearl Jubilee ding le inzawm a Hmar khuo haia Hmar Inpui, Gen. Hqrs. hrietpuia sum dawl a um mek khawm mipui haiin lo ngai pawimaw a ṭhahnemngai taka lo pe dingin HWA Pearl Jubilee Celebration Committee chun ngenna a siem nawn nawk.

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