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Senior Information Officer a kaisang

Thursday, May 17, 2018

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
Guwahati, May 17, 2018, Virthli (ONP): Pu Lalhmachhuana Joute, S/o (L) Sangvung Joute le Pi Zatling Joute, Muolhoi, Haflong, chu Assam sawrkar hnuoia Directorate of Information and Public Relations a Junior Information Officer sin chel laizing chu zani 16.05.2018 khan Senior Information Officer (SIO) ah a lo kaisâng tah. A kaisangna sin hi Guwahati hmuna an Headquarter ah Editor (Senior Information Officer) sin pek a nih. Pu Lalhmachhuana Joute hi tuhin Guwahati ah a nuhmei a nau hai leh an khawsa meka, sakhuona le Hnam thila inhmang mi thangkai mi tak a nih.

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