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HWA 30th Anniversary Logo Design Competition

Friday, May 25, 2018

/ Posted by Unknown
Hmar Women Association (HWA), Gen. Hqrs chun hungtlung ding July 26, 2018 hin 30th Anniversary (Founding Day) puithu taka hmang dingin a'n buotsai mek a, Virthli (Online News Portal) chun a lawmpuina, ditsakna, nuhmeihai chawimawina, dawmsangna le HWA hmalakna sukhrat zuol nuomna leiin HWA 30th Anniversary Lawmna ding leh inzawm hin Logo Design Competition May 22-31, 2018 inkar sung a huoihawt pekin lawmman a tum pek ding a nih.

Hriet dinga bithliek um hai:
1. Logo thlang a um design-tu kuomah lawmman-in INR 3,000/- bakah Souvenir (a logo design T-Shirt le No/Cup print dawk) inhlan ning a tih.
2. Logo design thlang a um hi a Copyright HWA-GHQ in nei a tih.
3. Logo design Competition a hin a nuom taphawt áš­hang thei a nih.
4. Email: ah a resolution an sang thei ang tak PNG with Tiff format a thawn le Virthli's WhatsApp +91-8415915704 (LRS Puruolte, Chief Admin)/+91-9436729100 (Simon L Infimate, Content Manager) haiah khawm WhatsApp's Document file in JPEG a thawn thei a nih. Anni in an lo enfel ding a nih.

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