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The 1st State Level Ginger Festival cum Business Summit tan

Friday, April 20, 2018

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Parbung, April 20, 2018, Virthli (ONP): Ni 2 sung aw ding The 1st State Level Ginger Festival cum Business Summit chu Parbung khuo Pherzawl District, Manipur ah vawisun anthawk tan a nih. Hi huna hin Chief Guest in Pu N. Biren Singh, Honourable Chief Minister chu a thanga, Functional President in Pu Th. Shyamkumar Honourable Minister, Hort. Forest & Env. Soil Conv.& Town Planning, Guest of honour in Pi Nemcha Kipgen Minister, social Welfare le Chief Host in  Vungzagin Valte Hon'ble Chairman, MTDC a thang bawk a nih.

Pu N. Biren Singh hin Parbung a sir hma in Thanlon ah Sub-Power Station hawngna a nei zoin Helicopter hmangin Parbung hi a vuong lut a nih. Tuta tum hi CM in Pherzawl District a vawikhat kanna a nih.

Hi hun hi zinga khawm sunzawm la ning a ta, Chief Guest in Pu Th. Biswajit Singh, Hon'ble Minister Public Works, RD&PR, IDPR,Inland com.,Adm,reforms, Functional President in Pu V. Hangkhanlian, Hon'ble Minister, Agri., Vety & AH le Chief Host in Pu Dr. Chaltawnlien Amo Hon'ble MLA, Tipaimukh A/C hai ning an tih.

Rimawi tieng panga Pu Laltuoklien (Pistol Puokruk), Nk. Mami Sinate, Nk. Lawmnakim Hrangate, Tv. Eljay Ngaite, Nk. Christina Shakum , Nk. Hossanmawi Songate le Ginger Choir han mipui inawi an tih.

Detail report chu nakie tieng la hung pek tum a nih.
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